2 Books in 4 Months

2 Books in 4 Months

Yeah, that happened.  I wrote two books in just four months.  It just kinda happened like that.  That wasn’t the plan, and I’m not even sure it was healthy, but it’s done now!

With the first one, I found myself so consumed with the idea of finishing that I rushed through it, and I can now look back and see the mistakes that I made.  I moved forward into SP with those mistakes in mind, and I can say, without any bias ( heh.) that my work is much improved.This second book is everything that the first one should have been.

I put my HEART into Strictly Professional.

I can truly say that I LOVE these characters.  I got mad with them, cried with them, laughed with them.  These are my people, and I hope that I did them justice.  I don’t know that there will ever be another time that I crank out a book in such a short period of time.  School is starting again, I’m doing design work, and at some point, I actually need to sleep.  Even so, I am anxiously waiting on free moments to continue Gabi and Terrence’s story.

If you’d like to read Strictly Professional, it is currently available for purchase on Amazon.

As always, thank you so much for your support!

  • Dahlia Savage
    Posted at 19:15h, 09 January Reply

    Yeah, #youdidthat
    I’m looking forward to you continuing their story, too

  • LaPasha
    Posted at 21:53h, 09 January Reply

    Yassss sis you did that. I cant wait til i finish them both, so good so,far. 🙂

  • LaShawn
    Posted at 06:21h, 10 January Reply

    YAAAAASSSSSSSSSS!!! You know I’ve got it!

  • Kathryn
    Posted at 09:03h, 10 January Reply

    You rock!!! I haven’t gotten the chance to read the first one and you have another one! Way to go.

  • K. Elizabeth @ YUMMommy
    Posted at 13:47h, 10 January Reply

    You did them justice and then some. I can’t wait for the sequel! I gave you a shout out today on the blog!

  • Jasmine
    Posted at 05:10h, 13 January Reply

    Loved your book. Read it in a day. Can’t wait to find out WHY Terrance and Gabi are no longer together (and I normally hate romance novels)!

    • Jasmine
      Posted at 05:10h, 13 January Reply

      Ohh. Delete that. Spoiler alert!!

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