Discouraged is a way that I know I shouldn’t feel…..but man….it’s pretty frustrating when you feel so passionately about something and you don’t get that immediate payoff that you want from it. I absolutely love fashion! I love designing and makeup handbags. I get such a feeling of pride when I see a finished product, or a customer gives me great, positive feedback! I love getting a lot of views to my store, and people favoriting my items, but buy something dangit! lol. I know that right now is really a tough time for people, and a lot of people don’t just have extra money to spend on extras like purses and jewelry.

So, in the spirit of benevolence, and just because I absolutely love it when something that I made makes people happy, and because my 1 year anniversary is coming up, and because im blessed, and because i just can, im changing my contest to a giveaway! The entry widget is at the bottom of my blog, and all you have to do to enter is tell me who your favorite handbag designer is and why. I personally love Lambertson Truex. This number right here:

is so fabulously delicious that I just sigh whenever I see it.

Any who, get your entries in people, I will be giving out 3 or 4 prizes, chosen by me! Each prize will definitely contain something from my ColorDeclaration line, among other randomness that I am sure you ladies will love! Registration is going to close on May 10th! And oh yeah, in my last giveaway, I disqualified MANY entries because of um….crappy answers. I want a REAL answer if i’m going to be giving away something I made using my time and money…..so….get on it ladies! I’ll be choosing either based on the best answer (not necessarily the longest), or randomly. Im not sure yet, so just do your best!


  1. I didnt see the widget..let me know if commenting here for the giveaway is wrong.

    My favorite bag designer is L.A.M.B. by Gwen Stefani. I love the bags because they are edgy and a bit different from the norm. I love when I see her carry the bags and they look so hot.

  2. Congratulations on your anniversity! I definitely will be entering your giveaway. Thank you for supporting my blog by following! πŸ™‚

  3. I couldn’t find the contest machine entry box!

    My favorite handbag designer is a new designer named Danielle Nicole. She has some chic designs in Italian leather! Thanks for the giveaway!


  4. I couldn’t find the entry box either, so hope posting here is fine. I am a fan of black bags since they tend to go with everything I wear-and I have been drooling over a Prada black calfskin satchel from Neiman Marcus for awhile now! I also like the department store bags from JC Penney etc… and try to get them on clearance. One requirement, it must be genuine leather-nothing else seems to work for me. The bag you have pictured above is gorgeous too, I love the design.

    micaela6955 at msn dot com

  5. Hey hun. How's the pregnancy going? Today I did a post on all the contests & giveaways going on. I added your giveaway to the list. Hope it helps you get better answers this time around that you can choose from πŸ™‚

  6. hmm i don’t see the widget!? well i’ll just comment here. hope it’s okay.

    favorite designer of handbags? probably kooba. love the simplicity of the style but the soft leather is soo nice! hows the pregnancy?

  7. My absolute favorite are Guess Purses! They are quite affordable, sexy, and I just love it that they have a logo on it thatΒ΄s not too flashy. And their ads are absolutely hot! Ok, minus the Anna Nicole Smith ones back in the day lol
    The only thing I hate is that I`ve had bad experiences with some of my Guess bags. I mean, for the average $70 a Guess bag costs youΒ΄d expect decent quality. I had the zipper break, a logo come off etc.

    YET I will keep on wanting more Guess bags. I GUESS that makes me a true addict πŸ˜‰


  8. Christina πŸ™‚

    I can't remember if i entered but i don't see the widget here!

    But This might sound weird but i love H&M bags. They have bags suitable for any age range. I love going there because i can find a bag for ANY purpose. Whether it's the perfect black bag for my coporate job or a cute duffle for my MUA job!

  9. I loveeeeeeee Channel.
    Because they have the trade mark stitching design.
    I love when purses have trade marks without going over the top and putting a big fat Logo on them.
    I also think they are not gawdy with the golden colours everywhere and the bulkiness — like guess πŸ˜›

  10. i don’t know the exact designer, but the brand is loop parcel.
    i like thier bags because they are so different &unique.
    i also think gwen stefani makes some cute bags too.
    &i hope your pregnancy is goin well for you.

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