(This post is TMI. Sorry)

Soooo, the other night, we (hubby and I) were getting *ahem* intimate, while we had finally gotten Izzy to go down for the night at a reasonable time the getting was good.  To help with the mood setting, we had one of our laptops playing “lovemaking” music in the background.  Sooo….we’re making it do what it do, when suddenly a COMMERCIAL starts playing.  Loudly.  And if it that wasn’t bad enough, it was a commericial for some sex-enhancement drug.  HOW DID PANDORA KNOW WHAT WE WERE DOING?  Why does Pandora think we need those? And most importantly, if they knew what we were doing, why would they rudely interrupt us like that?   #intimatemoodFAIL


  1. That is hilarious. *Note to self, make lovemaking cd and not rely on internet radio to set the mood* Thanks for the heads up, LOL.

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