A lot changes when you have a baby. A LOT changes when you have a baby. A LOT changes when you have a baby. Im trying to put as much emphasis as I can on this without “screaming” it at you. Stuff changes when you have a baby.

One of the things that changed for my household was laundry.  Gone were the days of yummy-smelling laundry detergents that were probably eating away our skin.  We had to make a switch to a detergent that would be gentle, unscented, and dye-free. Enter All Free Clear.  We could have spent the extra money to get Izzy a specific detergent, and spend time washing her things seperately.  But honestly? It would take forever for enough of her itty-bitty onesies, socks, and towels to pile up enough for me to wash a load just for her.  I would much rather just wash her things with the adult stuff, and All Free Clear allows me to do just that!

Izzy has somewhat sensitive skin, so I appreciate not having to worry about if the laundry detergent is causing any irritation.  Also, I discovered that clean, fresh laundry smells good on it’s own, without needing additional perfumes.  And the dyes? What purpose was being served by the detergent being blue/green/pink anyway?

All Free Clear is dermatologist recommended for sensitive skin, and is also recommened by allergists, for people with sensitive noses!

So, to get to the point, MomSelect and All Free Clear are offering a giveaway to 3 of my readers!  2 of you will receive a coupon redeemable for a bottle of All Free Clear (32 loads) and 1 of you will receive the book “How to Have Your Second Child First” by Kerry Colburn and Rob Sorenson. (I’ll be reviewing the book in another post.  I really, really like it though!)

The winners will be chosen completely at random, by random.org.  You can enter the contest by simply leaving a comment on this post, telling me your biggest life change that occured after having the baby. (Besides the obvious fact that YOU HAD A BABY OMG!!)  If you don’t have any children, tell me the biggest change you are afraid will occur when/if you have kids.

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NO entries accepted after 8am (central) June 15th, 2010.  I will announce the winner by at least 1pm that day.

A few things:

  • Please leave your email when you comment to enter the giveaway.  I don’t use it for anything normally, but for this I need to be able to contact you if you win.(Not in the comment itself, but in the “email” entry spot.)
  • Your prize will be sent directly from MomSelect.  If you win, I’ll need a mailing address to pass along for you to be able to receive your prize.
  • I received a bottle of All Free Clear, along with a copy of the book “How to Have Your Second Child First” to review.  I was not given any monetary compensation for writing this review, or the review that I will write for the book.
  • The (short) review I gave is completely my own opinion.   I was already using All Free Clear as my family’s detergent before even heard of MomSelect, so I have experience using the product.  My review is based on long-term use.


  1. From the book title, I thought you were already working on baby #2, LOL, but I checked out the book on Amazon. What a cool compilation. I was wondering if you use dryer sheet/fabric softener? (I'm guessing it's safe for me to post as #1 since I've never seen #1 win; given the fact that I have no baby and as such am not trying to win).
    My recent post I lost my virginity . . .

  2. Oh my, lol. If I have it my way, #2 is a couple of years down the road!
    I use Bounce (original scent) dryer sheets for towels and sheets ( I love inhaling that scent right out of the shower, or snuggling into bed), but not for clothes.

  3. I love ALL Free and Clear. I've been using it for about 6 months now. Lexe has extremely sensitive skin and it works great! How has my life changed…..Where can I start. The world now revoloves around my little one. My morning routine has changed sooooo much! I now get up about an hour and a half earlier. In order to make sure that we are dressed, hair is done, fed, and no random potty accidents before we leave the house to head to daycare and work! It can be a little stressful, but oh so worth it! Even with all of the changes that occur in life when we have children! it is such a wonderful blessing!

  4. I'll be a mommy in 8 weeks (or so!) and I'm the biggest change I'm afraid will occur is in me and my husband's love life. I know kids can drain this area so fast but I want to be committed to date nights and intimacy no matter what!

  5. I have been using another "free" detergent. Hmmmmmmmm.
    How my life has changed? It revoles around the Pookah and not me. Instead of spending my off days sleeping, shopping, getting my hair or nails done, I spend the day trying to keep sleep schedules, trying to get a fussy baby to eat baby food, wiping the drool from a cute chin and kissing kissing kissing my precious baby.

  6. The biggest thing that changed is how I see myself. I had to find a new normal. I had to let go of schedules and make new boundaries and remember that I'm a mom now and that's never going to change!

  7. the biggest change for me was just realizing that it was possible to care about someone so much! i would do anything for my little boy!

  8. What has changed in my life since having both my boys (2 yrs old & 18 mon old)… has to be how much I laugh!! I have a couple the funniest, sweetest boys. You worry about so much of the big things, especially with the first pregnancy, that it never occurred to me that they would be the funniest people I know and brings such laughter into my home.

  9. okay – i joke with my friends that baby's are life ruiners but really, it makes me nervous. i know this sounds immature but they seem like they just prevent people from doing that they want to do… that being said, i have some close friends pregnant right now so we'll see!

  10. The biggest change were all the stretch marks that DIDN'T FADE like everyone said they would. 🙁
    This is the detergent we use for our little guy too, or else he gets a terrible rash!!

  11. The biggest change (aside from the stretch marks and saggy post-nursing boobs) is how much my heart grew. Yes, it's cliche and cheesy, but so true. My heart grew times a million and I've loved every moment of being "his" mom =)

  12. I'm most afraid of losing our freedom. We are both still young and selfish and like to sleep in on the weekends if we want or to stay out all night if we want or to be able wake up on Saturday morning and hop in the car and drive somewhere if we want and I know having a baby will change all of that. We aren't ready to actually have a baby yet, but we have started to talk about how many we hope to have someday and names we like!

  13. We're patiently waiting on our first, I'm afraid I won't be able to manage a household as a landlord with a baby as well!
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