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Well, now that we have this whole walking thing pretty much in the bag, I decided that Izzy needed shoes, and that she must be taken to a fancy shoe store for them!   Then the cheapo in me kicked in, and decided that she wouldn’t be doing any 5ks anytime soon, something a little more wallet friendly would be just fine for her newly walking feet.  So I went to Payless!  They measured her feet for me, (she was just under a size 4)and recommended their Teeny Toes line.  It was love at first sight! SOOOO many cute styles!  We tried on one pair that I loved, but they wouldn’t stay on her feet.  Then we tried a second pair, but the bottoms were too hard, and she wouldn’t walk in them, she would only stand and wave her hands.

It was at THIS point, that another mom, who was also shopping for shoes for her baby, asked how old she was.  When I told her Izzy was 8 months, she said “Wow, standing already?”  And I replied “Yes, she’s actually walking.”  Which was met with a look of disbelief, that wasn’t helped by the fact that Izzy WOULD NOT MOVE.  She gets down and reaches for Izzy, motioning for her to walk over to her.  Izzy just looked at her, as if she was saying, “Um, I don’t know you lady!”  So now this lady thinks I’m a liar.  But whatever.  So we try on a 3rd pair, (which I loved, but we didn’t get, because they were hot pink and black, and she has nothing that those would look good with) with soft bottoms, and as soon as I let her up, Izzy started blazing circles around Ms. Disbelief, and her baby.  I of course, let her spend more time on her feet “trying out her shoes” than was necessary, lmbo, but then the craziest thing happened.  This woman looks at her baby, and says to him “You’re 13 months old, you should be ashamed of yourself!  You’re not even standing on your own yet!”.  I know my eyes got HUGE, and all I could do was look away.  I wasn’t horrified, or anything like that.  I actually thought it was HILARIOUS that she said that to her BABY, who just looked at her and grinned, lol.  She’s fussing about him not walking, when her two little girls (maybe 3 and 5?) were wreaking havoc all over Payless, so yeah….another kid walking is probably the LAST thing you need.  Who cares if he’s walking yet? He’s only 13 months old.  I didn’t think it was something to be concerned about unless they were older than 2?   This seriously happened, like an hour ago, lol.  I couldn’t make up something so ridiculous if I tried!  But I digress.  Izzy ended up with two pairs of Teeny Toes, in size 4.  They were having BOGO 1/3 off, so the two pairs were $16 and some change.  She got a pair of cute pink ballet shoes, and a pair of cute denim tennis shoes.  They are both soft soles, with some firm padding in the bottom.  They are very accommodating for fat feet and toes, so I would definitely recommend!


  1. I will be hitting up Payless post-haste! I was thinking that Stride-Rite was the only option (home of the $40 crib shoes SMH). I just paid $13 for a pair of shoes from Target!

    I’ll see what things Lewis gets for his birthday and then we will be heading to Payless. 🙂

    • I was going to go to Stride Rite too, but I started looking at those prices online and decided UH UH, lol. Maybe once she starts REALLY walking on her own, outside and such, we’ll get her some good quality ones, but until then, payless/target/childrens place/carters it is!

  2. She made need some that comes up to at least her ankle for support since she’s just starting out with th walking. Lewis as well. I’m sure they sell some like that at other inexpensive places. The pink shoes are just my style for Princess J.

    And I so hate when people compare babies to others. One baby is not going to do the same thing as another just because you think they should *rolls eyes* lol. I keep telling people I was walking AND talking by 8 months. Princess J has the talking part down pretty good but not the walking and she just made 10 months and I am ever so fine with that! lol

    • I tell people all the time that Im not that jazzed about the walking, lol. Im proud of her, of course, because it’s a new accomplishment, but I dont know how many faceplants, tumbles, slips, etc my heart can take, lol. I think I would handle it better if she was a little older, lmbo!

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