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Dear 1bdrm Apartment

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Early this morning, I turned in our gate openers and keys, and said goodbye to you.  I walked through one last time, remembering all of times we shared, good and bad. I’m sure you don’t care.  After all, with just a few coats of paint, you’ll be ready for your next tenant.  For me though, it’s quite bittersweet.

Within your walls, our little family has done a lot of growing, and a lot of growing up.  You were the first place that Byron and I called home as newlyweds.  The place I couldn’t wait to take Izzy home to after she was born.  You’ve seen all of our family moments.  Our first big married fight.  Our first triumph over debt.  Those two little pink lines.  The news that Byron had been laid off, when I was 5 months pregnant.  The arrival of a little girl named Izzy. Byron’s first commission check from real estate.  The start of Visual Luxe.  Izzy’s first steps.  Izzy’s first word.  The news of Byron’s re-hire, at the same company that laid him off, to a better position, with more pay.  The acceptance of our offer on a house.  The setting of a closing date-March 17th.  Moving away.  And through all of the big moments, the little moments of laughter, tears, joy, and frustration.

We called you home for 3 long, happy years.  Even though we’ve moved on, you’ll always have a special place in our hearts, and in our memories. I can’t say that I will miss you, but when I think of you, my thoughts will always be kind.


The Jones Family


  1. That was nice now you can make new memories but keep the old ones stored on the inside. I cried when we first moved so I understand.

  2. I felt very similar when we said goodbye to OUR 1 BR apartment 2 months before we had Nellie. We’d been in it for 5 years. Of course, we only upgraded to a 2 BR apartment, but it was still bittersweet. 😉

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