Day 2 #MarchPhotoAday : Fruit


Tomato is a fruit, right? This is one after Izzy got into the refrigerator this morning after I grocery shopped. I heard her in the kitchen, and knew she was getting into something, but I had no idea my produce would be her victim.  (I’m posting this from my phone, so I’ll link the badge later!)

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25 Responses to Day 2 #MarchPhotoAday : Fruit

  1. Latorsha says:

    Oh wow! Did she like it? I can’t imagine just taking a bite out of a tomato.

  2. YUMMommy says:

    I’m always having to keep an eye on Moo when it comes to the frig. She would live in there if she could. LOL

  3. Chezzianne says:

    Tomato is delicious and it can make our skin even better..It is eaten by most people who wanted to have a beautiful skin…

  4. Ms.Amber says:

    How old is Izzy? I really can’t imagine too that I can have a bite on a tomato.. She really has a weird sense of taste..Maybe she think is was an apple.. :)

  5. Sheila says:

    My mom say that eating delicious is really nice for the skin..It has a lot of lycopene to reduce from cancer..

  6. Mirana says:

    I love eating tomatoes but not the raw one.. I love it with a vinegar.. :)

  7. Wynona says:

    I love tomatoes! It’s very delicious plus it’s very healthy. :) Thanks for sharing this..

  8. debra says:

    grandma says let IZZY eat the tomatoes they are GOOD 4her

  9. Izzy is my kind of girl! I love tomatoes. My dad and I used to eat them like apples. Just dig right in. YUM!

  10. Krissy says:

    im glad my girl likes her some fruit/veggies lol

  11. Yronelle says:

    I am not really into tomatoes but I hope I can try this…Looks yummy!

  12. AnaLou says:

    I love tomatoes and it can make our skin looks nicer…I always eat burgers with tomatoes too…

  13. Samantha says:

    Tomato has a lot of vitamins its really nice to our body keep away from cancer it has lot of lycopene..

  14. Lanaya says:

    Raw foods is more yummier and healthier.. It’s a great practice for the children to eat raw foods..

  15. Ronifelle says:

    I love tomatoes especially when they are in burgers and salads too…

  16. Dean.C says:

    This is simple delicious, I really love eating tomatoes…

  17. Nicole says:

    The tomato looks very delicious, but minus Izzy’s bite. :) Tomatoes are really good for the skin and heart..

  18. Thrixxie says:

    I can even eat tomatoes just those alone…It is delicious and even healthy…

  19. Katrine says:

    Tomato is the best kind of fruits it helps to risk from cancer its nice to eat this always..

  20. Isthiak Ahsnan says:

    Tomato is a fruit that’s right but don’t use it in fruit salad :)

  21. Sarina Jones says:

    Izzy is really conscious about this tomato. Perhaps, she thinks it is a fruit.

  22. I really don’t want to eat tomatoes. I don’t like the taste of it.

  23. Kelly Evans says:

    Did Izzy like this tomato?

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