Day 2 #MarchPhotoAday : Fruit

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Tomato is a fruit, right? This is one after Izzy got into the refrigerator this morning after I grocery shopped. I heard her in the kitchen, and knew she was getting into something, but I had no idea my produce would be her victim.  (I’m posting this from my phone, so I’ll link the badge later!)


  1. Tomato is delicious and it can make our skin even better..It is eaten by most people who wanted to have a beautiful skin…

  2. How old is Izzy? I really can’t imagine too that I can have a bite on a tomato.. She really has a weird sense of taste..Maybe she think is was an apple.. 🙂

  3. My mom say that eating delicious is really nice for the skin..It has a lot of lycopene to reduce from cancer..

  4. I love tomatoes! It’s very delicious plus it’s very healthy. 🙂 Thanks for sharing this..

  5. Tomato has a lot of vitamins its really nice to our body keep away from cancer it has lot of lycopene..

  6. Raw foods is more yummier and healthier.. It’s a great practice for the children to eat raw foods..

  7. The tomato looks very delicious, but minus Izzy’s bite. 🙂 Tomatoes are really good for the skin and heart..

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