I just can’t win when it comes to working out. Strained my freaking ankle. Byron thinks it’s because my thighs were sore from lifting weights, so maybe I was unintentionally putting more stress on my ankles. Dang.

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yeah, um..

I’m thinking about cutting all of my hair off again, and returning to natural.  As a matter of fact, I’m almost certain I’m going back natural, I’m just unsure about when I’m going to cut off my hair again.  Will I leave it alone, and let it grow for a while, or just chop it…

Shoes, yet again

So, we’re getting ready to leave for the gym this morning, and I’m getting izzy ready to go. I go to put her shoes on, but it won’t go on her foot.  Just like that. They fit great on Tuesday. But today? Nope. None of them fit. 13 days before her first birthday, our little…


Is two weeks too fast to wean a baby from formula/breastmilk to whole milk? (I’m not breastfeeding anymore, but I included it because I don’t know if there’s a difference in the weaning process.) I would have liked to have Izzy on whole milk by her first birthday, but it’s 2 weeks away at this…

So Annoying

Does it annoy you when people make unnecessary suggestions to you regarding your child?  For example, let’s say it’s 40 degrees outside, and you’re visiting someone, baby in tow.  They say “Make sure you bundle that baby up”, or “Don’t have her out in that cold too long.”  Does that annoy anyone else as much…

No Pain, No Gain

So, I’m sitting here in pain, from lifting weights on Monday.Byron had to stretch my legs out for me, because straight legs weren’t happening for me on my own. And he warns me that it will probably be worse tomorrow. How wonderful. I will definitely be doing less tomorrow.

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