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It all came down to me.

The one who followed the rules, never went looking for trouble – I kept to myself. I just wanted to take care of my family. To not constantly look over my shoulder, worried about the things that went bump in the night.

I just wanted to survive.

But that wasn’t meant to be.

As luck – or fate, or something – would have it, the trouble found me.

I followed a rabbit through the wreckage of a half-ruined world to get back what was mine, and wound up at the end of it.

In Wonderland.

But there’s nothing magical about it.

(While Wonder does feature a central love story, it is not a contemporary romance novel)

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2 Responses

  1. I just thought you should know that you are AWESOME! I swear we are kindred spirits! Wonder was so awesome. Why you hesitated to write it, I will never know! Two of my favorite genres: Black love and post apocalyptic drama!!!!! Keep it going hunny! I hope more stories are coming…

  2. Devoured this story in less that 48 hours! I wasn’t sure where this was headed in the beginning…and then…BOOM! I was entranced rooting for Aly, Nadiah, Maddox and Mosley! Very well written! I would love nothing more than to read where this story takes them. Definitely a great start to a series. … This WILL be a series, RIGHT?!

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