Better Than The Movie & Coffee Bookshelves

So, I’ve been doing a TON of talking this week… which is no different from any other week really, because I like to talk, lol. BUT, difference is, this time it’s about stuff that may matter to/ interest you!

Earlier this week, I was a guest on the Better Than The Movie podcast, talking about writing process, diverse books, stigmas against romance novels and indie authors, and of course, about the Serendipitous Love series. Check that out here, and while you’re there, listen to their other shows, follow on twitter, on facebook, all of that. They’re really working in an unfilled, important niche, so lets show some love!

I also spent some time answering questions for an interview that went live today over at the Coffee Bookshelves blog. I talked about getting started as a writer, why I write what I do, perks of being an indie, cover design, and a little about some of the same topics from the show, if you can’t listen to the podcast. My answers are much more concise in written form, lol!

And since i’m going on about talking, i should probably include this vlog that I filmed about upcoming projects for 2015, and forgot to post here on the blog!

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