Ante Up


I know exactly why it turns you on…because you’re messed up too.
Asha’s life is no fairy tale, by any stretch of the imagination. There was no kind, generous father to care for and protect her from the Vegas that exists beyond the glitz and glamour of The Strip. No wise, doting mother to look over and guide her, passing down essential lessons and leading her to the right path. And certainly no Prince Charming just around the corner, ready to rescue her from working late nights to cover steadily mounting bills.
But she’s alive. Overwhelmed with responsibility she never asked for, carrying secrets and scars that haunt her, and singularly focused on an uncertain path to escape, but… alive.

You’re not born to sharks without becoming one yourself.
In Vegas, King is exactly what his name implies. Born into money and influence, but respected – and feared – in his own right. The privileges of wealth have afforded him many things: freedom, power, massive eligibility – while simultaneously leaving him exposed to others: betrayal, exploitation, and manipulation.
But he learned. The tolls of duplicity, wrath, and vengeance have taught him to be more mindful, more shrewd, to keep himself clear of the vulnerability of certain situations, certain business deals, certain places, and certain women.
Women like Asha.

Like attracts like…
Her poker face has kept her alive all this time, and he keeps his cards close to his chest. Neither is interested in gambling their hearts, but when they can’t stay away from each other, there’s only one choice… ante up.

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Gwen carter
Gwen carter

I just wanted to write you and say how much I loved this story .
I’ve read it several times and highlighted my favorite encounter between King and Asha pumping head’s . I look forward to reading more of your books


I just wanted to let you know that I enjoyed this book. I didn’t want it to end. Will there be other books and Braxton and Lincoln Drake.