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lotbookcover-1Love & Other Things:

Tara… well, Tara sucks at choosing men. Cheaters, deadbeats, even criminals, Tara just seems to have a magnetic attraction for dysfunctional relationships. That is, until she meets Chris. Will she be able to move past her failures at love to explore something new?
Val is a handful. Completely uninterested in anything that even resembles love, she’s willing to push away the one person who would do anything for her. Can she come to her senses, and embrace the possibility of forever before it’s too late?
Kristin already has the perfect marriage. For almost 15 years, her friends have considered her relationship the “blueprint” for lasting love. But the surface is usually a lot more polished than what it covers. When her marriage is put to the test, will it pass?
Love and Other Things takes you on a journey with three friends as they navigate betrayal, hurt, demons from the past to find second chances at love.

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Elisa leary
Elisa leary

When will nothing but love be released?
I have read your entire work in the past week! Spent my holiday reading and have had a great time absorbing myself in your stories.
Can’t wait to read this one!

New fan


At the end of the book it talks about a sequel “nothing but love”. I’m not able to find it. Was it ever released?