Sample Sunday – Sports Reporter

Unedited. Subject to change. Last sample before release! As I approached my house, I frowned at the flashy black Mercedes G-class parked in my driveway. It wasn’t Nate’s car – he knew I meant it when I said it was time to go – but it still made my jaw tight to see it. As […]

Sample Sunday – A Win

As usual – unedited, and subject to change. Release date is August 17th. Enjoy 🙂 “Okay I must have the wrong office – can you point me to the one you use for your actual job? Thanks.” I grinned as my sister – my twin – Nicole didn’t even bother looking up from what she […]

Sample Sunday – Very Serious.

I leaned in the doorway of my bedroom, watching him try his best not to fall asleep. It was late – later than he should be here at all, but with the workout we’d had… I figured I could at least let the man get some sleep. The glare from the TV cast a bluish […]

Sample Sunday – From Love Belvin – Endzone Love

Endzone Love, Book 4 in the Connecticut Kings series, will be available for your reading pleasure in just a few days, but in the meantime, enjoy this sample from Love Belvin!   Have Sambi take a look at the gutter leak off the back of the kitchen… Call April to invite her up… File our […]

Sample Sunday – If You Could See

Unedited. Subject to change, a lot. Light spoilers. Enjoy 🙂 He was mad at me. I’d never experienced Ramsey being mad at me. I didn’t even know how to react to something like that, had no idea what to do or say. So I said nothing, and his silence continued all the way to our […]

Checking In – Jordan and Cole

So, while my next installment of the Connecticut Kings project will not  be following Jordan and Cole, that doesn’t mean we can’t check in a little bit, and see what they’re up to, right? This is not intended to read as a short story, etc, this is just a little snippet of something that came to […]

Cover Reveal – The Kings are on Their Way Back!

Coming this summer, your favorite fictional football team is back like they never left, ready to take on a new season. Old friends and new faces weave through the pages of books three and four in the series, transporting you once again into the world of the Connecticut Kings!   From Christina Jones – Determining […]

Sample Sunday – Thank You For the Opportunity

Unedited. Subject to change. enjoy. 🙂   My eyebrows shot up. “I…wow,” I stammered, as what had just happened really hit me. “I… I look forward to hearing from you. Again, thank you for the opportunity.” “No.” Eli stepped forward, putting a hand on my shoulder. “If all goes smoothly, it’s not an opportunity,” he […]

Excerpt – Determining Possession

“This place is just… beyond perfect. I can barely even stand it.” “You said that about the last four places too.” I bit back a smile as Wil shot a glare in my direction, then immediately went back to fawning over the townhouse apartment. “Hardwood floors, and vaulted ceilings, and big windows, and granite counters, […]