All Sweet, No Bitter

Short. Hella sweet. Very lightly edited. Haven’t met Anika and Royal yet? You can in their Christmas season story, Bittersweet! There’s also a Pinterest Board for the project if you want to see some of my visual inspirations from when I wrote Bittersweet last year. “I thought we talked about this.” Royal looked up from […]

Sample Sunday – Not Holding it Against You

Unedited. Subject to change. No release date yet. The usuals. Enjoy <3   He was in my workroom. Bafflingly, I wasn’t bothered by the sight of him a bundle of steel wool in his – glove less – hands, cleaning the rust and grime from another spoke of the bike I’d been working on when […]

Sample Sunday – There’s Another Kind?

“Don’t say it!” “Say what?” “Don’t say “until you” again, as if he and I… have a thing.” Her eyebrow shot up. “You don’t have a thing?” “I told you what I’m on, Nik! And in case you need a reminder, it’s not that man’s dick, because that’s not why I came here.” “Unexpected perks, […]

Sample Sunday – Welcome to the Conversation

“Okay,” he nodded. “I see what’s happening here, you with the smile, and the hair, and the dimples, all of that.” I smirked. “Do you really though? Cause I’m pretty sure I caught you all the way off guard just now. Or are you gonna front on me again?” “I didn’t front on you a […]