Sample Sunday: Cat Got Your Tongue?

Savi watched him with an odd sense of satisfaction as he tossed the shirt to the floor, then toed his way out of his socks and shoes. His belt and shorts were next, and when he stood in front of her in nothing but his boxers, still straining with the erection that had started back […]

Sample Sunday: Save Me If You Can

Deep, chest rending sobs pulled Renata from the fitful sleep she’d finally found, hours after the commotion downstairs. She was so emotionally scattered that she raised her hands to her own face at first, to make sure the mournful sound wasn’t coming from her. Next, she reached for Taylor, who’d fallen asleep amidst pained, traumatized […]

Sample Sunday – Release Me If You Can

{Sample contains spoilers for book one in the series, Catch Me If You Can}   “He’s Taylor’s father.” For a lingering moment, those words hung in the air, garnering no response. Hot tears pooled in Renata’s eyes as she swallowed the urge to let them fall. It wasn’t a good time for tears. She wished […]

Sample Sunday from: Release Me If You Can

From book 2/3 of the “If You Can” series, Release Me If You Can. He was up the stairs, bypassing the bathroom to grab a change of clothes before he doubled back for a shower when the door swung open, and the object of his thoughts stepped out. Quentin tried to avoid her, but they […]

Sample Sunday: from Catch Me If You Can

What the hell am I doing here? I look so stupid right now, Naomi thought, as her second knock went unanswered. Unwilling to knock again, she wiped errant tears from her eyes and turned away from the door. What would her life had been like if it weren’t for that night? Maybe instead of being […]

Sample Sunday: from Catch Me If You Can:

[ unedited, subject to change. enjoy 🙂 ] Relax. Relax. Relax. Naomi silently repeated those words like a mantra until her head, heart, and lungs caught up with each other and obliged that command. This wasn’t the time to freak out. Her freedom depended on not freaking out, so she ignored the throbbing pain in […]

Sample Sunday: from Catch Me If You Can

(this excerpt has not been edited for grammar/spelling, but HAS been edited to remove spoilers. Enjoy!) It was the sound of music, pumping from the classroom where Naomi hosted her classes that brought Marcus to the front of the gym. Curious, he stepped into the area meant for parents to watch their kids during performances, […]