Sample Sunday – Experience It All

Last Sample before release. Unedited. Subject to change. This title will not be available in Kindle Unlimited. Release day… TBD. Enjoy! “How do you feel?” he leaned into me to ask in my ear. “You having a good time?” I peeked up at him with a smile. “I am. I like the music – like […]

Sample Sunday – Can We Not?

“I would ask if you’re not a morning person, but it’s not morning anymore, so…” “You’re really just not gonna take the fucking hint?” I asked, finally turning over to actually look at her, and… damn. She wasn’t trying to obscure that body of hers at all today, in a matching mustard pencil skirt and […]

Sample Sunday – Off Kilter

Unedited. Subject to Change. Coming soon. Enjoy. Peaceful. That was the first word that came to mind when I returned to my bedroom from the shower to find Keris still passed out asleep. She’d shown up at my door last night, still wearing her same clothes from work, which let me know she’d been putting […]

Sample Sunday – Run, Interrupted

All the usual – subject to change, unedited, no date to share, but I do hope you enjoy. Just a little further. Don’t you punk out now. I used my sleeve to wipe sweat from my forehead as I dodged a slow-moving pedestrian on the sidewalk. Just another half mile to go on this run […]

Sample Sunday – On Me

Unedited. Subject to change. If I choose an official date, I’ll definitely share it! Enjoy 🙂 “Why aren’t you answering your phone,” Natalie demanded, picking up after the second ring. I knew she’d had her phone in her hand, watching it light up with my name, “punishing” by making me wait an extra few seconds […]

Sample Sunday – Not Holding it Against You

Unedited. Subject to change. No release date yet. The usuals. Enjoy <3   He was in my workroom. Bafflingly, I wasn’t bothered by the sight of him a bundle of steel wool in his – glove less – hands, cleaning the rust and grime from another spoke of the bike I’d been working on when […]

Sample Sunday – You

Unedited. Heavily Redacted. Subject to Change. Coming soonish. Enjoy the sample!   I, admittedly, had a little bit of a sweet tooth, so I was a little excited at the prospect of finding gourmet-quality ice cream I could enjoy without my stomach bouncing right to left to do the shoulder lean. It was a pretty […]

Sample Sunday – You’ve Gotta Drink it Straight Up

“How do I know this isn’t laced with something,” I asked, working my way up from the couch as she went into my kitchen. “You could be trying to kill me.” “If I wanted to kill you, I would not waste good food to do it. Not when I know so many better ways.” “Is […]

Sample Sunday – Maybe a Gift, If You Need Something To Call It

This is exciting, right? I mean, it is to me – the first “Sample Sunday” in almost two months, which is a bit of an anomaly. That’s no complaint – absence makes the heart grow fonder or something. In any case, I’m excited to start sharing snippets and visuals (shout out to Porsha at brwnstock) for this project, […]

Sample Sunday – Very Serious.

I leaned in the doorway of my bedroom, watching him try his best not to fall asleep. It was late – later than he should be here at all, but with the workout we’d had… I figured I could at least let the man get some sleep. The glare from the TV cast a bluish […]