Sample Sunday: No Right Way To Drink Spinach

Unedited. Subject to change and all that. Enjoy!   She stood in front of me completely relaxed despite the fact that she was completely naked, looking at me with her eyebrow raised like she was waiting for me to speak. “What did you do to me?” I asked, bringing a smile to her face, which […]

Sample Sunday – Sounds Like an Insult

Unedited. Belongs to me, like Reese and Jason. Subject to change. Late Spring. Enjoy! “Just this once… let’s take sides. Pride…aside. Feelings… aside. Inhibitions… outside. Worries… wayside. Protection… bedside. Panties… aside. You… inside. Camera phone? Make you sure you get my good side… alright? Don’t be scared to turn me sideways and get deeper… alright? […]

Sample Sunday: Taste-Testing

“Hot damn!” he shouted, and my eyes flew open as I turned around, expecting to have to tend to an injury. Instead, I found him bobbing his head, dancing to imagined music as he pulled a spoon from his mouth. I laughed, wondering how something so downright silly could be so simultaneously sexy. “This is […]

Sample Sunday: Short Stack

“Welcome to Stacks, pretty ladies. What y’all havin’ today?” The two women on the other side of the counter’s eyes went a little wider when I spoke, and they glanced at each other, exchanging grins before they gave me their attention again. “Can you… say that again?” one of them asked, flipping thick, wavy hair […]

Sample Sunday : What Kinda Grown Man?

“Come on, mama. I think he’s had enough.” “And I think you should mind your business.” I blew out a sigh as my mother scooped another helping of macaroni and cheese on Sean’s plate, beside the baked chicken wings she’d placed there the moment before. The corners of Sean’s mouth turned into a little smile, […]

Sample Sunday – Results Guaranteed

(sample is unedited & subject to change. Enjoy!) “You weren’t even eating them,” she shrugged, happily chewing the last fry before she delicately wiped her hands and mouth with her napkin. I shook my head as I stood up, leaving enough money to cover our lunch bill plus a tip on the table. “That’s beside […]

Sample Sunday – Safety First

(sample is unedited, and subject to change. enjoy!) I’d been making it a point to spend the early parts of the day at the Pot Liquor site, so I could “check in” at Fallon’s in the evening, when she was usually home. It was a short window between the end of her workday and when […]

Sample Sunday – Me Too

from Fall In Love Again — available now: On Amazon & Kindle Unlimited “Charlie?” As I turned the corner into the prep area, she looked up at me with red-rimmed eyes. She averted her gaze, then went back to her task of… chopping vegetables. I approached her slowly — because she was kinda obviously tipsy, with […]

Sample Sunday: from Fall In Love Again

It was baffling to me that Adrian actually thought I was going to wait around for him while he served a sentence in federal prison. Like… real ass prison. He had to be kidding. I could accept that I’d committed my life to a man who was — without question — not my “soul mate”. […]

Sample Sunday : From Didn’t Mean To Love You

(side note: I have a shiny new “books” page set up, finally! Check it out here!) “What’s going on with you?” I frowned, then shrugged, suddenly self-conscious under his careful inspection. “Nothing.” Carter raised an eyebrow, taking the last few steps to put him barely a foot in front of me. “It’s definitely not nothing.” […]