Sample Sunday: No Right Way To Drink Spinach

Unedited. Subject to change and all that. Enjoy!   She stood in front of me completely relaxed despite the fact that she was completely naked, looking at me with her eyebrow raised like she was waiting for me to speak. “What did you do to me?” I asked, bringing a smile to her face, which […]

Sample Sunday – Sounds Like an Insult

Unedited. Belongs to me, like Reese and Jason. Subject to change. Late Spring. Enjoy! “Just this once… let’s take sides. Pride…aside. Feelings… aside. Inhibitions… outside. Worries… wayside. Protection… bedside. Panties… aside. You… inside. Camera phone? Make you sure you get my good side… alright? Don’t be scared to turn me sideways and get deeper… alright? […]