Sample Sunday – Off Kilter

Unedited. Subject to Change. Coming soon. Enjoy. Peaceful. That was the first word that came to mind when I returned to my bedroom from the shower to find Keris still passed out asleep. She’d shown up at my door last night, still wearing her same clothes from work, which let me know she’d been putting […]

Sample Sunday – In Perpetuity

A short one today. Mine. Unedited. Subject to change. Enjoy 🙂 Twenty minutes later, I pulled up to the front of the Drake Casino Resort, and gave the valet the keys. Normally, I would spend ten or fifteen minutes on an adventure in the parking lot, looking for a space, but the spa voucher in […]


So, these were originally shared only on facebook, but I thought I should bring them over here! These are unedited snippets of a story, revolving around Roderick Dixon (Carter’s little brother) and one of his college peers, a bright young girl named Lauren. This isn’t a project I’m working on in a official capacity, but […]