Sample Sunday – In Perpetuity

A short one today. Mine. Unedited. Subject to change. Enjoy 🙂 Twenty minutes later, I pulled up to the front of the Drake Casino Resort, and gave the valet the keys. Normally, I would spend ten or fifteen minutes on an adventure in the parking lot, looking for a space, but the spa voucher in […]

Love On The Highlight Reel – a *bigger* sneak peak…

  One Irritation pricked my scalp as I headed down the darkened hall, cringing at the heavy bass thumping its way into my skull. It was almost one in the morning, and instead of being snuggled deep in the comfort of my fluffy goose feather bedding, I was at Arch & Point developing a headache. […]

A Little Sneak Peek…(from Love on the Highlight Reel)

Unedited. Subject to change. Coming soon…ish. Let’s say mid-summer. I have officially lost my mind. That was the only possible explanation for why I was sprawled naked across Jordan’s bed, not even twelve hours after I’d realized how stupid it was for me to spend so much time in his home. A shiver rushed through […]

Teaser Tuesday – Put Your Phone Down

Unedited. Subject to change. This summer 😉 “Can you put your phone down, and talk to me please?” “Yeah, gimme a second.” I rolled my eyes as he kept his attention focused on the little device in his hands. One minute stretched into two. “Jor—” “Just a second, damn,” he said, holding up a finger […]

Finding Forever: A teaser

Finding Forever: Available NOW on Amazon and Nook: He shrugged. “No real reason. Thinking about one more thing your dad told me.” “Okay… what?” I asked, cocking my head to the side. Avery pushed away from the door, and stepped towards me, prompting me to take a step back. “He said you were ticklish. […]