Christmas With Gia

Short and sweet, loosely edited, and completely fun. Enjoy 🙂   I couldn’t stop the little voice in my head telling me that I should have known it would turn out like this. Through all my planning to perfection, spending a little extra to get a little extra, time spent on the precision coordination of […]

Sample Sunday – Give Me My “Like” Back

Mscraftyifyanasty liked your photo. I was sitting in the break room during my lunch hour, aimlessly scrolling my Instagram app. There were only a few minutes left before I had to head back to the classroom, but I was burning time while I finished my sandwich. That was when the notification popped up at the […]

Sample Sunday – Beautiful Savage

his side… Speaking of timing – the server chose that moment to approach us again, with our food on a platter. I pulled out my phone to snap a picture of my plate, then turned the camera up to her. She raised her hands to cover her face. “Oh my God,” she said, through a mouthful […]

Sample Sunday – Bearded Bullet Trains

“Oh, damn! Sorry!” I heard those words, but couldn’t reply. I was too busy trying to breathe through the pain radiating from my ass and wrist, which had been the sacrifices that cushioned my fall. My tote was on the ground beside me, packages spilling out of it, and I shook my head as I […]