Checking In – Jordan and Cole

So, while my next installment of the Connecticut Kings project will not  be following Jordan and Cole, that doesn’t mean we can’t check in a little bit, and see what they’re up to, right? This is not intended to read as a short story, etc, this is just a little snippet of something that came to my mind for them, so i’m setting it free.

Here we go!

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?!”

Jordan jumped, obviously startled by the sound of my voice, then quickly tucked the basketball in his hands behind him before he turned guilty eyes in my direction. “Ah, shit. Why you up so early babe?”

My eyebrow twitched “I have a better question. What’s with the basketball?”

“What basketball?”

I frowned, propping a hand on my hip – an action that pulled open the robe I’d thrown on over lingerie I’d fallen asleep in way too early the night before. I’d shown up at Jordan’s place unannounced, after a long day of paperwork and stress to get the Kings ready for training camp, which was starting soon. I was tired – exhausted, honestly, between all the work of taking on new players and getting the existing ones ready to win this season. But I still got a kick out of popping up on Jordan when I was horny, especially since we hadn’t yet taken the plunge to living together yet – despite his insistence.

Neither Nicki, Cole, or Nicole were moving in with anybody, anytime soon, without a ring. Hell – even with a ring… I liked having my own space. Space to miss him.

Which I did.


It was what had driven me to his place in lingerie, to find him scratching his balls in front of his xbox. He’d obviously been excited to see me, but I sent him to the shower first, then laid out across his big bed to wait. I’d only intended to close my eyes for a second, but…

You probably shouldn’t complain – that was a great eight hours.

I’d woken up in his bed alone, but he’d obviously been there with me. His scent was too strong, and when I put my hand in his spot, it was still warm, which drove me to get up and look for him.

I found him in the kitchen, drinking a protein shake, obviously dressed to head out the door.

“What basketball? Really Jordan?” I asked, but his eyes were too locked on my breasts to pay attention to my words. I snatched my robe closed, and his face transformed into a pout. “The basketball you shouldn’t have, because you shouldn’t be playing, because you don’t need to be taking any chances with your shoulder before training camp starts. You know Terrence Grant would gladly take your spot as the Kings’ first string wide receiver if you’re not up to it.”

“Are you just looking out for the team right now, talking as a Kings exec?”


“I’m talking as someone who loves your ass, and wants to see you finish your career with at least one of those SuperBowl wins you’ve been harping about, fool.”

His eyebrow hiked up. “Harping?

“Yes, harping. Jordan.  What are you doing? Why would you take a risk like this?”

Jordan shook his head, then ambled in my direction, tossing the ball down as he approached me. I kept my arms folded across my chest as he wrapped me up, trying my best not to let how good it felt show on my face.

“I’m just meeting Ramsey to go shoot around, Nicki. That’s it. Not an actual game.”

My eyes narrowed. “Are you sure? Cause I know how aggressive even basketball gets fooling around with you, Ramsey, Trent, all of y’all. You play too rough!”

Jordan bursted out laughing at that. “Play too rough? Like we’re some damn kids?”

“Well, if the shoe fits.”

“You weren’t talking that shit when you showed up at my door in this last night,” he said, easily peeling my arms away to open my robe. I stifled a moan as his hands went straight to my ass, cupping and squeezing before moving up and under my negligee to rest at my waist.


“Don’t try to distract me,” I said, closing my eyes as his lips touched my neck. “You understand that this isn’t about the team, right? I swear I’m not trying to be a nag, I just don’t want anything to keep you from having a great season.”

Almost instantly, his hands left my body to cup my face instead, tilting my head up so that he was looking into my eyes. He wasn’t smiling, but his eyes were, and those dimples of his were in such full effect that I grabbed the hem of his shirt just to keep from touching him there.

“Yes, I know this isn’t about the team. I shouldn’t have said that shit earlier, hard as I’ve been trying to get you to believe that you don’t have to make that distinction every time we talk.”


He shouldn’t have.

Because even though we’d moved on from it, his angry accusation, months and months ago,  that maybe I’d only gotten involved with him again to keep him on the team still… poked at me. Not because I thought he might really believe it, but I just… I wanted it to be clear. Wanted it to be beyond doubt that I was here because I loved him.

Because I still loved him.


The thing was, all of it was so new that I wasn’t even sure I had that kind of credibility in his eyes, especially after the way things ended between us all those years ago. And this time around? It hadn’t even been a year yet. This time last year, Jordan “The Flash” Johnson was someone I viewed as a necessary thorn in my side. Any feelings otherwise were carefully locked away, in favor of being… “professional” – the very thing I wanted so badly for him not to view me as anymore, since I was no longer responsible for his success on the team. That job had been shifted to Nate, and I’d taken on Trent Bailey instead – a much less stressful player, since he was all about business and family now. But Jordan was heading in that direction too – I teased Nate that I’d done all the work, and now he had the “good” Jordan.

Really though… I had him too. Just in a different way now.

Countless times since we’d been back together, he’d asked me to move in with him, wanted to know when we were having a baby. He was – sort of – kidding about the baby, but the moving in thing… he wanted that badly. He knew my stance on that though, and even besides that, again, it hadn’t even been a year.

I understood that it felt like it had been forever though.

Jordan’s lips against mine pulled me out of my thoughts, and I finally let go of the moan I’d been holding on to. I pushed my body into his, snaking my arms around his waist as he deepened the kiss, massaging his tongue into mine.

“You gotta stop sounding all sexy, or I’m never going to make it out of here.”

I grinned. “That’s exactly the point. You owe me what I came for last night. Text Ramsey, tell him you can’t make it.”

“I’ll only be gone a few hours. He’s trying to talk to me about this stuff with the team, and you know how that goes… isn’t he one of-”

“I have exactly zero desire to discuss team business right now,” I said, cutting him off. I shrugged the robe down from my shoulders, propping my hands on my hips. I knew exactly how the deep red lingerie looked against my dark skin, and it was confirmed when Jordan let out an audible breath as he looked me over. “Tell him you can’t make it.”

This time, there was no argument.

He stepped away to grab his phone.

Less than a minute later, I was shrieking as he chased me back to his bedroom, rewarding me with a hard smack on the ass when he caught me. With his arms around my waist, he pulled me down onto the bed, then rolled over on top of me.

“I love you,” I blurted out, struck by the way he looked down at me like I was the best thing he’d ever seen.

He grinned, giving me those dimples again as he grabbed my panties, tugging them down my legs. “I love you too, Gorgeous. And now… let’s get to why you came over here in the first place.”

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12 Responses

  1. Jordan and Cole are the truth. This tease needs to be revisited and extended into a full length book. I know you don’t revisit characters for a full length but just think about it. They are calling out to you for a reason!

  2. Thanks for the update! I love reading about how characters are doing after their stories are told.

  3. I’m loving this story. If it was a full length novel I would have bought it yesterday. I’m totally hooked. As for Jordan and Cole , I could read more about them(hint hint). Thank you so much for sharing your awesome talent with us.

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