Fettuccine with Asparagus, Bacon,and Mushrooms


This was just DELICIOUS.  Nothing like that crap Rachel Ray had us eating a few weeks ago.  We did the little weekly recipe pull out thing from her magazine, and everything that week was just honestly awful. This week, I downloaded the Epicurious app for my phone, and chose 7 recipes to do this week.  It compiled a shopping list for me, and here we are!  This is actually the 3rd day, but this is the first recipe that I thought was just really AWESOME!!

I did make a few changes though.  The original recipe called for peas, but I hate peas, so none of that, lol.  I used mushrooms instead, and added a little Lawry’s!  You also had the option of using pancetta(fancy Italian bacon) instead of regular bacon, but I figured the pancetta that was easily available to me (at Walmart.  I wasnt going all the way to Kroger, and ESPECIALLY not Whole Foods just for some fancy bacon, lol) would probably not have been very good quality.  I was very happy with the results, and will definitely make this dish again!

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Diva (in Demand)
10 years ago

Bacon huh? I’m not sure how I feel about that but you say it’s good so I’ll take your word for it.