freedomOk, so maybe titling this post “Freedom Day” is a little dramatic, but that’s really what it feels like to me.  Like I’ve been in pit (B613 style), and just now allowed to come out, and live life on my own schedule, doing that I wanted.  I feel gooood!  I love being able to make my own (albeit kid centered) schedule to do my work, and get in some exercise, and make time for me, etc.  There is so much that I’ve had to neglect while I balanced school into the equation of everything else that I do.  Now, I’ll have time to work on business, prepare Izzy for kindergarten, get Zoe on a better learning path, really focus on what i’m eating, take better care of the girls’ hair, read/comment on blogs again, do some writing, etc!

I’m excited to start Visual Luxe back up next month, and continue learning and growing as an author.  I got a great opportunity to send a proposal for a novel for close consideration by a major romance publisher, so I’m very excited about that!  Everything is coming together for me, and again, I feel great!  I feel free!

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  1. Yay!!!.. good for you. Praying for your vision to come to reality!!! And looking forward to the new book soon!!! No pressure of course. Not sure what Visual Luxe is??? Also, you want to share the banana pudding recipe especially with the cookies on top. Yum!!!!

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