Happy Release Day!

Friend and fellow author Dahlia Savage released a new work today!


Graduation Day is a short story about a newly single college student, embarking on the next phase of her life.

You can purchase here on Amazon!

And of course, here’s a little snippet:

“Girl, I know it’s hard, but you’ve got to let go of this at some point,” Ameenah says, handing me some tissues.

“I’m trying,” is all I can say.
Ameenah sits on the other side of me and places her hand over mine. “But you’re sitting here with a death grip on your cell phone for a call that we all know isn’t going to happen.”
“When you should be celebrating,” Reese adds.
“I know I’m tripping, and I should know better,” I say, rolling my eyes and blowing out air. “But I just thought – ”
“That you’d work it out and he’d be here?”
“Look, Mason is going to do what Mason wants to do, regardless of who he hurts in the process. He is going to do whatever he sees as the best benefit to him.”
“And it’s about time you see the benefits, too,” Reese chimes in.
“What benefits?” I ask, finally looking at her.
“That you are now a single black woman living in Washington, D.C. You’ve got brains, looks, no kids, and can pay your own way,” Reese says. “Cuz, you’ve got the whole package. You can get a new man.”
“Or not,” Ameenah says.
“Exactly. There’s a reason they call this place Chocolate City. All these fine-ass, educated, successful black men running around here, girl, you need to take advantage of being single and available.”
“I don’t know if I’m ready for all that.”
“No one’s saying to go jump on the first dude you see on the street. Just be open to the possibility that maybe Mason leaving is the best thing that happened to you.”
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