Hey CCJ – Does X Have a Story??

Hey CCJ – Does X Have a Story??

I get this (the title of this post) a lot!

If you’ve read more than one project (series) from me, you probably already know this, but… I love a good cameo appearance from other characters! Often, if you haven’t read the series that character is from, you may not know that they even have their own story – part of what makes them such fun easter eggs!


In any case, I’ve been getting lots of questions about the cameos in my latest project, The Clarke Brothers series, so I wanted to take a moment to point out some of the titles that match with the characters you’ve asked about.


The Drake siblings – the Clarkes’ hotel magnate cousins appear in many projects of mine, but the only real glimpse I offer into their lives comes in the Mine Tonight short story collection.


Kora Oliver and Nubia Perry – These friends are the heroines in Inevitable Conclusions and Inevitable Seductions.


Cameron Taylor, owner of Sugar & Spice magazine is introduced in the second (third?) book I published, The Trouble With Love.


Raisa and Bianca are introduced in the same book, The Trouble With Us, but it’s Bianca’s story. Notably, this is one of my favorite books I’ve ever written.  And I’m coming up on sixty of those, so I feel like that’s saying a lot!


Also, in Controlled Chaos, when Drew mentions “Jemma’s article”, she’s of course referring to Jemma Love, from I Think I Might Want You.


These are the character cameos – at least all I can think of – that occur in the Clarke Brothers novellas, but the final book, Close Contact isn’t out yet. I’ll update this post with the appropriate details after release.


If you’ve read the first two novellas in the series, had you already clocked all of these? Who were you happiest to “see”? 

  • BlkIntrovert
    Posted at 11:17h, 03 April Reply

    The Drake brothers and Cam!!!

  • Tereesa
    Posted at 12:35h, 03 April Reply

    I loved this. Thank you. I was able to make most connections but not all. The reference to Jemma irked me because I knew I knew Jemma but couldn’t place where, then ding… you helped me. I love when authors give past character cameos in their new work.

  • Tika
    Posted at 13:08h, 03 April Reply

    Yes, I love the cameos! Bianca was perhaps my favorite, because her story is one of my favorites, too!

  • Vic
    Posted at 13:10h, 03 April Reply

    You missed Summer from grown.

  • Adrienne
    Posted at 14:31h, 03 April Reply

    Thanks for this! I must’ve missed Mine Tonight when I first started devouring your books and was thrilled to learn about it a few days ago!

  • Carolyn Jackson
    Posted at 07:10h, 05 April Reply

    The Drakes with their fine ass. And Bianca

  • Fdotbreezy
    Posted at 20:39h, 18 July Reply

    What about August, Marcus and Lena from Somebody’s Don?

  • Angue D
    Posted at 11:12h, 12 September Reply

    Is there a book about Marcus and Lena from Somebody’s Son?

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