New Release – The Way Love Goes

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Fallon is the definition of a woman with her “ish” together. Flourishing business, a home of her own in a new city, a relationship on the verge of marriage, and the opportunity to create a life that looks exactly as she wants it. She’s ready, and willing, to embark on a new adventure.
She just didn’t expect to have to do it on her own.
Business is great, but the home? A total mess. The relationship? Dead in the water. The “new adventure”? Looking more like a disaster.
Until Sean.
With their shared track record of betrayal and broken hearts, it may be better to stay away, but neither of them can resist. Even their contentious first meeting can’t hide the spark of attraction, and that spark leads to a deeper involvement than either of them is sure they’re ready for. But love doesn’t wait until you’re ready— it blooms in its own time.
That’s just the way love goes.

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5 Responses

  1. This book was great! So very happy to find great writing, full fledged characters & BLACK love. Keep it up…

  2. Love Fallon and Sean’s story. I’ve been following all of these characters and I love them all. Christina, I love your books. Please keep writing. The stories are believable, the characters have depth and a real. I just love reading your work!

  3. And here’s another one! I Fallon and Sean’s story. Everytime i read one of your books i’m blown away. Reuniting with characters from earlier books…..just did it for me. The H/h were strong, passionate, loyal and funny as hell! Ray and Olivia deserve each other. Thank you for an awesome read!

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