New Release : Unfinished Business


So, it’s here! Unfinished Business, the sequel to Strictly Professional is available now in the kindle store!

Here’s a little blurb:

They fail…miserably.

Through the ashes of their failed romantic relationship, they’re able to form a different type of bond, one that allows them to effectively coparent their daughter, and even become friends.

But is that enough?

Constantly pulled together by chance and circumstance, will Gabi and Terrence decide to embark on a journey to finish what they started, or will they decide that it’s best to leave the past in the past?

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18 Responses

  1. I read the first one on the way to Maui and was UPSET that I couldn’t see what happened when I finished lol. Ok I’m done. You did an EXCELLENT job on this book. You are an excellent writer! May God continue to bless your endeavors.

  2. I enjoyed catching up with Terence and Gabi again….it was well written. Gabi’s struggles about her life were real and true to many of the working mom sentiments. So my question is…Dorian and Daniela??? What do you think? I think she could be the one to set him straight!!! Please respond!!!

    1. Hi mscris, I’m glad you enjoyed G&T’s story, and I will definitely be telling Dorian’s story! He has history with Regina, but now that Daniella is in town (and Regina is NOT) who knows?!

      1. Ok, I know about him and Regina…but I don’t want break up a happy home already. Unless her boo had some unfortunate mishap overseas. But I will await to see what your muse(As Nia would say) tells you. Please tell what’s next on releases. I am imagining it will be a summer read?

        1. Next up is the followup to Love and Other Things, in June, then after that I have something quite a bit different up my sleeve! Dorian’s story will probably come in late Summer/early Fall!

          1. No, this genre is home for me (although I do have an idea for a speculative fiction, it’s way, way in the future) when I say different, it will be a little sexier, the characters aren’t quite as “normal”, and it’s a bit more fast paced. Not a BIG departure though!

  3. I waited and was not disappointed for Unfinished Business. I read it so fast, I am going to go back and read it again. It was really, really good. I am glad Terrence and Gabi finally got it right after ten years. Gabi is a strong woman and I like the way you made her see that she can be a mother, hold down a job, and finally get her man. Looking forward to reading more of your work.

  4. Ok, I ‘ll wait. I will not say what I don’t like. But I hope you stick with being Christina..

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