It can’t just be me.

Really, it can’t.

I can’t be the only one longing for the opportunity to just do nothing. To sit in my bed with the covers a pillows piled high, a nice long new book on the kindle, kids asleep, and husband on the xbox.  No homework, no required reading, no design deadlines, no writing goals, just nothing.  For hours.  Maybe even a whole day.  A whole damn day of nothing.  Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

But there’s always something.  Another design project I could take on.  A chance to get ahead on class work.  A scene that just won’t get out of my head until it’s written.  Sight words to work on with the preschooler.  Milestones to work on with the baby.  The husband needs attention.  The house needs cleaning, and somebody has to make sure everybody gets fed.

So instead of nothing, there’s always, always something.

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7 Responses

  1. Im You and i may not have same things going on, but it seems to ALWAYS.NE.SOMETHING needing to be done or could be done. God picks us because we’re the strong ones. 🙂 A mother and a wives work is NEVER DONE.

  2. Yes. THERE IS ALWAYS SOMETHING. I had me time on SUnday. But I sacrificed a clean house, blog posts, projects, husband, sight words….same thing last night. When I ‘m drained I’m drained. But I’ve learned that the world will not fall apart, and CDub knows how to feed himself and his baby. The end.

  3. There is always something. I now know to ask for help when I need it. The truth of the matter is if you don’t take the time, the time will take itself in the most drastic of manners. Take some time!!

  4. I feel you on this! There will always be something, but I agree with Mimi, if you see a window, climb through it. You gotta make the time or find the time and take it!

  5. Oh, how I would love to just do nothing! But there’s always something going on and the last time I did nothing (it was a few days after classes ended last semester and I had the house to myself) it felt VERY weird…like I’m sitting here watching TV and I really don’t have to ________.

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