Sample Sunday – Little Girlfriend


Subject to change.

Enjoy 🙂


“I really just feel like I should walk over there and beat her ass, that’s all I’m saying.”

I tried – and failed – not to laugh at Nubia’s antics as we wrapped up the “mandatory” self-defense class at Five Star Fitness. At first, I’d worried I’d have to talk Mimi into letting me work with everyone else, but as soon as I told her I didn’t want to just watch, mischief sparked in her eyes, and she grinned.

Well get your ass up here and let’s work then.

And work, I had.

After the class, we left the room to refill our water bottles at the machine, and that’s when I noticed the woman I’d seen Wick kiss was there, and had stopped Mimi to talk. She really was gorgeous – tall, smooth pecan-toned skinned, and a body that was made for the leotard she was wearing underneath a simple ballet skirt.

I could definitely see her appeal – a fact that I mentioned to my friends. Of course, the conversation went left from there, which was how we arrived at Nubia’s proposition of “whooping ass”.

“Nubia, come on,” Blake laughed. “You can’t fight somebody just because.”

Nubia sucked her teeth. “Speak for yourself. I carried a whole ass pregnancy through a round of chemo, and maintained bad bitch status the entire time – I can do whatever I put my mind to.”

Blake countered, “Don’t you have the reputation of the new TV network to worry about?!”

“Oooh, you’re right, I do… Okay, so pull out your phone and record it. Monica, Kora, make sure nobody else records it. This beatdown is going to be on WAWG, exclusively. I’m gonna make so much damn money. This is great.”

“Stop it,” Kora scolded. “We don’t even know that he’s dating her. Monica, you said he kissed her on the cheek, or forehead or something right? She could just be that man’s friend.”

“Of course she could,” Nubia said, her tone soothing as she sidled up to Kora. “But… we know how you like to do with your “friends”. Don’t we?”

“You just love bringing that up, don’t you?”

Nubia shrugged. “Yes, I do. You know I do. But my point stands. Sure, she could be his “friend”, but let’s not pretend it means she’s not climbing those big broad chocolate shoulders on the regular.”

“I’m gonna have to agree with Nubia here,” I chimed in. “I mean, he and I are “friends”, and… look what we were doing.”

As if we’d thought him up, the man himself appeared, soaked with sweat and dressed to work out. My crew and I were tucked out of the way in the corner next to the water machine, so I simply watched as he went straight to where Mimi and Kay were standing, kissing Kay’s forehead before he said something to Naomi.

Suddenly, three sets of eyes were on me as Mimi pointed in our direction. Wick said something else – probably “thank you” – to her, and then grabbed Kay’s hand and started moving in our direction.

I know this motherfucker isn’t bringing her over here for introductions,” Nubia hissed in my ear, and I immediately shushed her, turning back just in time for Wick to plant his little girlfriend right in front of us with a big smile.

“How are you ladies this morning?”

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10 Responses

  1. Can’t wait for the book to drop. Usually, I don’t read teasers and this is why. You always want more especially when it’s one by Mrs. Jones!

  2. You should release these snippets on Tuesday and call it Torture Tuesday cause that’s what this is. We need the book sis!!!…just kidding, take your time (but for real, we need the book).

  3. I loved this sample and can’t wait for the book to come out! I really just commented to see my name in this new fancy font you have. It’s everything!!

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