Sample – The Unbroken Rose

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I'm listening!

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5 days ago

Yes friend! I’m ready for all of this!

5 days ago

Ooooh this is going to be good! You’ve done a great job handling characters w/more darkness/baggage (e.g. P3, Asha, Keris) so I know Dacia and the “underdog finally coming out on top” angle will be done right! Looking forward to it! SN: LOVED Emmanuel Ingram for Laken, Rob and Kyle!

Toshaleza Msemaji
Toshaleza Msemaji
2 days ago

I love the chemistry crackling between these two. I listened to Ante Up and Deuces Wild last week and LOVED Alicia! I like that Dacia is with it enough to flirt and sass and am all in for her story!!

1 day ago

This is gonna be sooo good….

“Are you going to tell Alicia that you caught me?” he asked, barely out of breath as I bent over, panting before I keyed in the code that allowed access to my lock, then pulled the key from around my neck.

“How else would I pick a fight with her over hiring security without telling me?” I asked, stepping into the soothing, temperature-controlled oasis of my foyer. “You coming in?”

His gaze dropped from my face to my body, settling on my breasts, the juncture of my thighs, and then back to my face. “I shouldn’t. I’ve already fucked up my bonus now that you’ve seen me.”

“What does that have to do with you coming inside?”

A smirk spread over his lips, and he raised a finger to scratch at a scar bisecting his eyebrow and cheek—something he didn’t have when I knew him before. “Well… I have explicit instructions on how I’m supposed to engage you. And… how I’m not.”

“Meaning… what?” I asked, leaving into the doorframe.

“Meaning… I’m not supposed to fuck you.”

My eyebrow shot up. “And that’s what you think is gonna happen if you come in?”

“I think we probably shouldn’t take that chance, should we?”

I returned his smirk and closed the door, even though… that wasn’t what I wanted.

I wished I had a witty remark, some seductive words, or even… hell, anger would’ve been better.

Would’ve been… more.

There was no way Alicia knew my history with Zay, or she wouldn’t have hired him.

Of all the men who’d hurt me in one way or another… he may have cut me deepest.