“You haven’t had that baby yet!?” O_O. I’m guessing we’re there now. Texts, phone calls, people that I see often while out and about all asking this idiotic annoying sweet question. Because you know, I would obviously not make any type of pregnancy announcement.

Anyway, I was actually pretty sure that it was that time Sunday night. I was basically up all night with pretty strong contractions, ranging about 2-3,3-4 minutes apart. They woke me up, but weren’t so strong that I couldn’t handle them, so I didn’t wake Byron up, and tried to sleep through them myself.  The sleeping part was hit or miss, but by the time the sun came up, the contractions had tapered way back, to maybe one every 30 mins to an hour. Yaaay, false labor! O_o

So, Izzy woke up ready for adventure, and I was close to getting a fine, so we got dressed and headed to the library for the weekly story time. We had been picking new books every week, but forgetting to take them back! Anyway though, Izzy had a good time as always, I got some adult interactions with the other moms, so all was well.

Home, chilling on the couch, watching Izzy play. Feet up, sipping a huge glass of water. And here come the contractions again :/ Ok. I start timing. My OB had requested that if I start having timeable contractions, more than six an hour, to call. I called on contraction #9. The response I got was pretty “OMG, GO TO LABOR AND DELIVERY”. Only, no. Don’t wanna do that. Really don’t wanna do that. I don’t want to go sit in a waiting room, then triage, and whatever else, only to maybe be sent home. I also didnt want to get there and get admitted, and be stuck there. So, I asked if I could just come into the office first, to get my cervix checked and see what was happening. They of course agreed.

So, get in, get checked. 3cm dilated, 75% effaced, baby at -3 station. NOW WHAT NOW!? Up all night with contractions that didnt even DO anything? And -3, seriously? This chick feels like if she drops any lower I won’t be able to sit down! But ah well. I went home, since the contractions weren’t too bad yet, and sat on my birth ball. If I hadn’t wanted to labor at home more, I honestly probably would have had her yesterday, because they probably would have put me on pitocin to ramp up the contractions. Docs words. But, obviously, I didnt, because I’m still pregnant! My contractions tapered off again, leaving me feeling very tired and very sore. But my day wasn’t over yet!

Byron had a family work dinner thing happening, which I wanted to attend. So I got myself together, put on a happy face, and we went. We get to the restaurant, sit down with everyone. A few people I hadn’t met, every one was great! There was an adorable baby named Chloe there, and Izzy got straight to her job of charming people. Good times, right? Well, once everyone gets their orders in for their food……we find out that it’s actually a surprise baby shower for us!  Byron and I were both totally surprised, and very, very happy, because his team is made up of people all over the WORLD, and everybody had signed the card, contributed to everything. It was really, really sweet! And they even got stuff for Izzy, so she wasn’t left out of the opening of everything. His coworkers are truly awesome, and it really showed how much they value and care about him. I didnt cry, but I did get a little misty!  What an awesome end to a frustrating day!

I have my next prenatal appointment this coming Wednesday, and I’m really curious about if my body will have made any further labor progress by then. I’m not really counting on it, but we shall see! I found out that the state fair does toddler time, where everything is free (or very cheap) this friday, and I would actually love to take Izzy to that! But, the state fair is about a 40 minute drive, so I’m not sure it would be the best idea for me to do alone (it’s in the morning, Byron would be at work). I really don’t want to risk going into labor in another city. Or worse, while driving on the interstate. O_O can you imagine? Talk about road rage, lmbo!

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