The End… But Not Really.

So… Pulling Doubles, book 2 in the “Wright Brothers” series is going to be published pretty soon. It was nowhere near as easy to write as the first book in the series – Getting Schooled.

I’ve pinpointed a number of reasons for that. I wrote Getting Schooled over Christmas break – took me two weeks, if that. I had several different ideas that had been brewing already when I up and decided I wanted to write a series about brothers, and I melded those together. I sat down, and I wrote exactly what came in my head, researched a couple of things as I went, and I had fun.

Pulling Doubles didn’t quite go like that.

It was a different time of year, I was busier, my kids have been sick, i’ve gone on a trip. Lots happened while I was trying to write this book that interrupted my flow, and stalled my progress.

But that wasn’t all.

Getting Schooled got a lot of love/attention, for reasons unknown to me. Not that i’m discounting myself as a writer, but I was just… shocked at the reception it got. Grateful, but surprised. And a little uncomfortable too. Because with praise, comes pressure. This was just book one in a three book series, and I actually wrote that shit down, so I can’t back away from it… What if book two doesn’t measure up?

That… is a paralyzing thought.

But then I remembered why I do this.

When you read something that I wrote, it’s never something I just made up and put on a page. I mean, it is, but it… isn’t.

pdcovers3These characters are very much real to me, when they come to my head. I write to get them out. To tell the story they’ve given me, no more, no less, and move along to the next couple fighting for my attention. I don’t just “decide” to do this, or that. It has to be organic. Before I write down a single word of any scene, I have to have the visual in my head. It plays for me there, like a movie, and then I write down what I see.  I think through, obsess over, every little thing (my friends can sadly confirm this, lol) until I find what is real for THAT couple.

So… I had to realize that it doesn’t matter if Pulling Doubles “measures up” to Getting Schooled. Joseph and Devyn, just like Reese and Jason, are people, with their own stories.

My only concern?

Telling it.

Something readers should, I think, know about me is that I never, ever endeavor to tell a couples “whole” story. That’s just not me. I’m not that author, but I have peers who will give you an epic love story of a relationship’s trials and tribulations and the fight to stay together.

Because those are the characters that visit them.

I write the characters that visit me.


And I think accepting that makes it easier to just tell the story they were generous enough to share, so that I can, in turn, share it with you.

Over these twenty-something books, I’ve gotten accused enough times of not knowing how to end a book. Now, my writing has many flaws, many areas of improvement needed, but you know… I don’t think ending a book is one of them.

I think i’m very, very good at ending books.

On the whole, my books are usually a snapshot of a certain point in these characters lives. The part where they meet “the one” and maybe fall in love. OR maybe they aren’t there yet when they’re done giving me story to tell. I have some books that don’t fall exactly into this, but mostly? My books are the “getting there” part. The relationship part is up to them… or up to you. In my head? When I leave my couples, of course their story goes on from there. In my fictional world, they move on to live happy, boring lives together. Have kids or don’t, grow their business, finish school, start their careers, whatever.

When I write “the end”, it’s not for them. It’s for me.

And my job always, always feels complete.

Pulling Doubles is no exception.

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20 Responses

  1. I read a lot! What I like most is that each author has their own unique style. Although I recently started reading some of your books, you’ve become an author whose books I have to buy because I enjoy your books. Not everybody gets that privilege. I’ve read a couple of your books and recently finished Getting Schooled, which I loved. Thank you for sharing.

  2. Look at you, preaching on a Monday! These are stories that only you can tell! I will wait until the end of time for all of them. Because they are amazing and so is your voice! I love that you write a complete story without seven parts because your stories are conplete. And I love that we get to revisit our faves in other books. You are amazing!

  3. I just reread Getting Schooled yesterday and I think it’s one of my favorite romances. It’s the book that made me stalk you online and read everything else you’ve written.

    I think I like it because it’s a simple romance without stupid drama. It’s just cute and nice. They have a few ups and downs but nothing major happens because one or both of the characters are stupid.

    You also write really well. I could feel their chemistry.

  4. Be encouraged! You have a God given talent only you and him know how to navigate. I understand the struggle of trying keep balance in the home,the marriage ,the family and whatever else we are deeply committed to on top of the career. It’s even worst when you’re good at it ;). I love everything that you have written and being the book release stalker that I am (smile). I pray you feel no pressure because I want it to be the best it can be. Forget what others say ,that’s nothing. Keep doing what doing. Be encouraged Mrs. Jones:)

  5. I recently discovered you and you’ve become one of my favorite authors. Will Getting Schooled be available in print any time soon? I have a friend in prison that would love to read it and kindle hasn’t an option.

  6. It’s funny you should mention this. I just re-read The Trouble With Us over the weekend, and as far as romance novels typically go, there wasn’t that textbook “HEA.” But I felt it worked for Bianca and Rashad. It wouldn’t have been realistic if they were ready to get married or commit to something more serious by the end of the book. If you had written that kind of ending, it would have felt contrived. We as readers just have to believe that what they felt for each other was strong enough for them to eventually make it around to actually saying the “L-word” to each other, and then MAYBE he proposes, they marry, and they have kids and all of that. So I totally agree that you have to write the right ending for your characters. You know them best! I think anyone who’d say the ending isn’t right is just used to a certain kind of romance novel.

  7. I can relate 100% and people who don’t write don’t understand that you can’t force a story it has to be organic or it won’t work. That’s why I switched stories because the first one was feeling a tad forced and I didn’t want that for my characters.

  8. I love everything you write. I’m a person with a vivid and extreme imagination so when I read author’s work these characters come to life and become very real to me. With your writing these characters are so vividly seen in my mind and want to continue to follow them on whatever journey they are on even when the story has ended. I think that’s why I reread everything you write so much. So thank you for giving me so many great stories!

  9. LOOOVE YOUR BOOKS, and maybe the story feels too real or I become too attached but I just want to read on and on and on and on lol. I’m always sad when they’re over until I got back on Amazon and download a few more of your stories. I love black love and your books are black love, from the couples to relationships, mothers and daughters, sons and fathers, I enjoy every page.

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