True Life: I GREASED my kids hair with Blue Magic and I Ain’t Turnin’ Back!

So… I’ve read all the articles.  Checked out all the blog posts, watched all the YouTube videos with suggestions for how to keep the hair in the Jones household looking glossy and luxurious.  I’ve purchased all manner of hair oils, leave-ins, butter, puddings, magic beans, etc, in my quest for that goal.

With no luck.  I would use all of that stuff, in all the 50 million different suggested combinations, with no luck.  Anywhere from 20 minutes to a few hours after application, my kids were looking like they just rolled in from playing in the dust. Their hair would look THAT dry!

So this morning, I took a stand.  I went into my closet and pulled out Pandora’s Box the big box of hair products that I don’t use anymore, because they don’t work.  From that, I retrieved a little clear jar with a white top.

Trusty old Blue Magic.

For years, YEARS, I tell you, little girls were getting their hair oiled with Blue Magic, and those heads were thriving, ok?

I moisturized Izzy’s hair with the As I Am leave in conditioner.  Combed it in, detangled, all that good stuff. Then, I greased her scalp. Her first ever real scalp greasing.  It was quite nostalgic, actually, but no, I didn’t pop her with the comb for not being still.

Anyway, after that, I brushed it in, and her hair felt wonderful.  No hay-like feeling, no crunchiness. WONDERFUL.  And now, 10 hours later, after we’ve played, and gone to the park, etc, it still feels wonderful!  Zoe’s too!

I may be jumping the gun, but I feel like I’ve had an epiphany.  All this time, the solution to the dryness problem that’s been plaguing me for the last two years seems to be solved.  We shall see, but in the mean time?

We’re glossy over here!

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36 Responses

  1. I’ve never tried Blue Magic. I’m a product junkie and am always looking for something that will keep my hair moisturized without weighing it down. Glad to hear you found something that worked!

    1. I’m a junkie too, then I realized how much I was spending and determined that I needed to do something other than trying new stuff!

  2. this is proof that sometimes all we need to do is go back to what has been proven to get results…no matter how unpopular it may be. this whole product journey can become too overwhelming

  3. I have a confession: I use Blue Magic on Pookah’s hair.
    GIRL! I had the same Epiphany as you last year. After 3 years of rangling with that boys hair and watching the dry curls, i gave in. I put on a little bit of leave in conditioner or shea moisture and then put the Blue Magic on. works like magic.

    1. Ohhhhhhhh, so you had the answers and weren’t sharing?! Mmmm hmmm! Lol! That’s exactly what I’m doing now too, leave in and grease, and it’s wonderful!

  4. You gotta do what works. I’ve been greasing Jas’s scalp since she turned 1 and that simple act works wonders. For her I’m going back to Wtf what works and that’s good ol pink lotion.

  5. Girl….embrace that blue magic! I use nature’s blessing on my children’s hair and it’s still considered a grease. It works. Period. Mama don’t have time to waste money on a “could work” product if I know one that worked when I was coming up!

  6. I know what you mean. Even some of the shampoos that have sulfates I use because it works. Despite what people say. The hair care industry is saturated so we tend to lose some of the basics looking for better all the time.

  7. Now you’ve got me tempted to go back to TCB! I have so many memories of staring at that jar (and getting popped in the head!).

  8. I bought some yesterday and I’m never turning back. It works really well. I got caught up in all of the “natural” product overload craze and all of my girls hair remained dry at all times! My mother used blue magic on me and my hair turned out fine. Amen!!

  9. I did my bf’s child’s hair this summer & could not get that gloss look I too recall from my childhood, so I asked my friend about it & we concluded I needed to get blue magic. I googled to see where I can buy some & got linked to ur post & new life was just breathed into me. I’m on my way to to wally works now!

  10. My mom used Ultra Sheen and Blue Magic on my hair as a kid and I remember how thick and healthy my hair was. I didn’t even know what breakage was until I started getting my hair relaxed which was around the same time I stopped using grease. It didn’t hit me until the other day when I walked past that jar of Ultra Sheen on the shelf did I realize that the answer to my brittle and dry hair was staring me right there in the face! I picked up a jar of Blue Magic and I’m done with those “natural” oils! They just didn’t work for me.

  11. Last winter I had awful dryness & breakage. I’d been using Qhemet Biologics,which I LOVE, but it wasn’t holding moisture enough so I went back old school ..Dax & Blue see which worked best. I hadn’t used grease since my afro days in the 70s. I used it over the Qhemet creams & it worked wonderfully !! I would moisturize with my usual S Curl & the breakage & dryness left. So I now use Blue Magic Bergamot or Super Sure Gro over Carol’s Daughter healthy hair butter & moisturize with the SCurl. My mom,like everyone else’s mom, used grease & water on my hair & it grew long & thick.

  12. I LOVE blue magic hair grease. I pair it up with a hair pudding to moisturize and seal both my hair and my kids hair it works wonders for us. I used raw shea butter for a year or two and a was happy with it but after it became to expensive to continually get, I reverted back to grease. I couldn’t find the exact grease mom would use on me so I picked up a jar of blue magic, and I LOVE the results my kids and I have now. Thank you for sharing because it feels great to know that I’m not alone that loves this stuff!

    Do you happen to know the difference between the blue and green Blue Magic hair dressings?

    1. Hey, just thought I’d answer this for you. The difference between the blue and green formulas is simply the bergamot fragrance and olive oil added in.

  13. Like you guys, I have ventured back to hair grease. I had a bad outbreak with eczema. I wanted to retain length and all that product junk that people recommend for me didn’t work on my 4c hair! I’m so happy I went back to what worked for my hair as a little girl!

  14. I have to say that me and all my sisters had long healthy hair thanks to blue magic. My daughter is 3 yrs old and I fell for the hype that greasing was not good for your hair, so i avoided it with my daughter and used natural oils instead. The result wasy daughter hair breaking badly from not staying moist; especially at night. Feeling hopeless i talked to my grandmother and she advised me to stick to the “old school way”, so i did. I have been using blue magic on my daughter hair for a couple of months now and her hair has grown. There is no breakage and always feels conditioned. So over here we keeping it old school.

  15. My hair is relaxed and more than half way down my back because I never gave up on blue magic and dax. My hair is in great condition and I totally reccomened. I use pink oil on my sons hair he has curly hair and it works. I need something a little heavier.

  16. OMG, just got a big jar last week had no idea they had a bigger selection of products I’m gonna sitck to the original blue grease n try the shampoo and conditioner

  17. Blue Magic was most definitely the staple for my kids in my household. For both my son and my daughter. My son’s hair was so long at 4 years old, I had to cut it in order for him to be allowed in school. All I used was Blue Magic & water… It was beautiful!!

  18. Can someone please help me out I’m a young mother with a one year old. I just been trying things to help her hair grow n stay moisture?

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