These are the books I’m actively working on or thinking about working on. It is NOT intended as any type of solid schedule, nor should it be viewed as a commitment.

Don’t make it weird, LOL.

The Unbroken Rose – Dacia Pelletier (Deuces Wild, The Reinvention of the Rose)
Untitled Paranormal – Zair and Eryn (Coveted)
Untitled Connecticut Kings
The Sum of All Parts – Sugar Valley 3
Mutually Assured Destruction – Laurel (A Mutually Beneficial Arrangement, Behind The Scenes)
Untitled Five Star Enterprises – Anais &Sam (Anonymous Acts)
Untitled Night Shift – Lark (Equivalent Exchange)
Untitled Beauty and the Beast Retelling – Isa & Adam (Wonder)

I'm listening!

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Kameel Gibson
Kameel Gibson
5 days ago

I’m here for all of the upcoming project if/when you decide to continue them…