Vlog: Plotting, Or Something Like That

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2 Responses

  1. “Aspiring” writer here! LOL! Started one WIP, and before I could get halfway done, three more popped into my head and the characters will not shut up! LOL!
    Definitely a pantser. I read about authors “prepping”, “outlining”, and “plotting” and I’m like, “Huh?” LOL! Your note card/Post-it method hits home with me. Gotta do some errands shortly, and picking up note cards is on the list – thanks!

    I’ll be back!

  2. This is great advice! Thanks so much for sharing. Currently, I use my journal for plotting but it is difficult to organize because it is a bound book. Note cards would eliminate that issue and they are portable. Thanks again!

    P.s. – I enjoy reading your books ☺

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