Vlogging (Which Means Rambling. As Usual.)

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  1. I just finished reading the sample for Ante Up and I’m wondering if this is possibly related to another sample that you posted some time ago that I believe was set in Vegas with a character who was called Red possibly. It’s been so long I don’t remember specifically the excerpt just that you didn’t have a release date and said that it was just an excerpt and may not go any further. If it is related to that, I can’t wait to read the rest of it. I follow your vlogs and posts and it seems that you have been going back and forth with trying something new for awhile now.

    I think this is an issue that many authors face especially once they’ve established their readership in a certain genre. Where you want to keep your fans happy with your new works, there is sometimes a pull to write something outside of what they are accustomed to seeing from you.

    I am not a writer and my livelihood is definitely not dependent on writing. However, I often think that writers who limit their abilities based off of what their readership wants to see from them stifle their creativity. You are not going to always please everyone and as a result I think it’s most important no matter what you produce that you are happy with the final product and that you please yourself. Now obviously there are limitations to this because you don’t want to alienate your fans but at the same time you’ll never know what you are truly capable of if you don’t try something different at times.

    Writing reminds me of having a muscle that you exercise. You need to exercise it and don’t always get stronger by doing the same thing. You have to cross train in order to get the best result. So yes although you are great at writing feel good romance novels it doesn’t mean that it’s the only area that you can excel in or should stick with. Anything new or different from what you are accustomed to you will have to work at it and refine it to become better. Just like training for a race on the first day of training you may not be able to run 1 mile but consistent practice over time may give you the ability to finish running a 10k. Your first time at it may not be your fastest time but at least you will finish it which will be an accomplishment if you’ve never done it before.

    With your writing you have a gift and I personally think to not follow your creativity to new avenues is a disservice to yourself and can potentially hurt your craft overall. The only box you can be placed in is the one you put yourself in. I read a number of other authors that have been very successful in a certain genre particularly Black romance that after awhile their books appear to be repetitive and almost formulaic. Where that is fine for those fans who love that particular formula it does nothing to help the author challenge themselves to stretch their capabilities and audience. As you mentioned in your vlog, there are others like myself who although we love the Black romance genre want to read something different as a lot of the works out there sometimes can fall into the same category.

    I hope you will move forward with where your creativity leads you. When writing something different, there’s always a chance readers either will or won’t be receptive to it. You will never know unless you put it out there what the feedback will be and ultimately you will never make everyone happy all of the time so why even try. Make yourself happy and put out a product that you are confident in and the work will speak for itself. The sky is the limit to what you can do!

  2. I think you should go wherever the muse takes you. That’s the beauty of indie publishing. I think readers are more forgiving about that sort of thing than the industry. And if you happen to lose a couple of readers on a project that’s not like your norm, consider all of the readers you could gain! The kinds of readers that you mentioned who would love to read Black romantic suspense (or any other subgenre), but there isn’t much of it out there. I personally just love to read books by Black authors about compelling Black characters. It doesn’t matter if it’s romance or another genre. I think you do a good job at writing compelling characters, people who we inevitably care about before it’s all said and done. So PLEASE, just don’t stop writing. Lol. If you have to take a break from contemporary to do that, that’s all the more reason to branch out.

    1. Oh darling VV how awful deleting you poor thing!I love that wall.I only have a few so far.I had o2 given to me years ago by my unclke and have them no longer I think one was like the boy fishing (well it rang a bell)I LOVE the gyspy/spanish girl.please will them all to me lol

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  3. Yo, I don’t care what you write about,I trust your talent..obviously because my thirsty ass all in your blogs like ” what else she got to say”…. Like I don’t care what it’s about I trust that as a reader I will enjoy it. I have total respect for your process and as a fan of your work I’m excited to see where you take everything.

  4. Hello, Christina! Love, love your books. Thank you for many hours of just fun filled, warm and funny and all around entertaining reading. I am a die hard romance genre fan. I can always rely on you, Love Belvin, D. Camille, VivianRose Lee, just to name a few, to give me a great read! Continued success and blessings, from a true fan.

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