A Dash of Heat

So, as planned, Maggie’s story is now available on Amazon, in entirety. If you read all seven chapters, up to where I put “the end” – which is, indeed, the end – you’ve already seen it all. There isn’t any new content in what’s on Amazon, it’s exactly what was (previously) found here.  I had to remove it from the site in order to be able to publish it to Amazon, where it’s available to purchase or borrow through Kindle Unlimited.

I greatly enjoyed writing Maggie and Rene’s little interlude. It was intended to be something light, before I revisited the world of the “Inevitable”  series, but i’m afraid it only whet my appetite for something a little warmer in tone. So, i’ll be dropping in to visit some other friends instead. We heard “the truth”. Now, we see “the lies”. 🙂

Anyway, again, my break baby “A Dash of Heat” is available for your reading pleasure now, and I’m hoping that my next full release will be ready right on time for me to have physical copies available for me to sign for those of you who are coming to the “Girl, Have You Met..?” event in Houston this spring!

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