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So, unless you’ve been under a rock, I’m sure you know Beyonce released a new album on Friday the 13th. I was up, writing a paper when I found out, and that homework assignment was quickly forgotten as I, after about 30 minutes of debating spending $16 on it, purchased the second album I’ve ever bought in my 26 years of life. The first? B-Day.

I haven’t listened to anything else since Friday.  Out of 14 songs, there are now only 3 that I skip over, and 11/14 is excellent.

I can’t quite pinpoint what it is about it, but this album? This speaks to me, the same way that B-Day did at that time of my life.  This is a very, very grown up album, mainly about a very grown up type of sex and love.  The difference between this music and her previous music is remarkable, in a good way to me.  She’s obviously grown up, and wants us to know it.  (Mature) music has been a large part of me growing into my own sexuality, and man, this album?  Like, I can’t even stop listening to it.  It makes me wanna just drag my husband into the bedroom and keep him there. TMI? maybe, but so? lol!

Anyway, since you asked (O_O), here’s what I think of the songs.

1. Pretty Hurts – I like this, but right now I skip it, in favor of getting to other songs.  I’ll eventually stop skipping it.  The video was great though.
2. Haunted –CANT SKIP FAST ENOUGH. Super creepy video.
3. Drunk in Love (Featuring JAY Z) – play several times in a row.  CANNOT wait to re-enact. heh.  I’m pretty sure Beyonce was actually drunk/high/something in the video, and it was awesome.
4. Blow/Cherry – cute song, cuter video.
5. Angel – THIS IS MY JAM. Not really a fan of the video.
6. Yoncé/Partition -LOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS! Both videos were pure sex, but not in a dirty way (to me).
7. Jealous – love this. Video was nice.
8. Rocket – Whoo. Listen.  Man…… just, yes. Yes to the song, and to the video. yes.
9. Mine (Featuring Drake) -I love Drake, so naturally love this as well. Video was weird, but I liked it! Best I’ve ever seen Drake look.
10. XO –Used to skip, but it’s growing on me.  Video was fun.
11. Flawless (Featuring Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie) Love this, play several times in a row.  The feature from Chimamanda was a nice little surprise for the budding feminist in me. Video is a teensy bit weird to me, but I liked it.  I woke up like dis.
12. Superpower (Featuring Frank Ocean) – Can’t listen to this enough, so beautifully relatable. LOVED this video, I thought the story it told was beautiful.
13. Heaven  – CANT SKIP FAST ENOUGH.  Don’t like the feels this gives me, and the video is heartbreaking.
14. Blue (Featuring Blue Ivy) –Skip, but Blue is adorable.  The video was cute, but I would have preferred to see more Blue, lol.

The Grown Woman bonus video was cute, but not at all what I would have expected.

Did you get/Have you heard the album?  What did you think?

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7 years ago

My morning was made, when I discovered this album came out overnight! I, in bed by 10, didn’t get excited when most of the World did, lol. But, “Drunk in Love,” is my favorite. Followed by “Yoncé.” Also love the features of Drizzy Drake and Frank O. This album has been the soundtrack to my work day, my workout, my housecleaning and grocery shopping. It’ll be a while before I feel like tuning anything else.

7 years ago


So um Yonce know she did that. PARTIAN and DRUNK IN LOVE AND ROCKET on constant repeat.And the pure ratchetness/boldness of Flawless just makes me dance. I WOKE UP LIKE DIS! Baby I got plans! And lets just say CDub kept asking..so when are you listening to that album again???

7 years ago

I can add Pretty Hurts to my list of songs I skip now. It’s not that I don’t like it. It Just fucks up my groove and me no like that. So yea that with Haunted, Heaven ( you already know) XO and Blue. I enjoy the rest of the songs and the videos.

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