Sample Sunday – You Tell Me

Happy Sunday! I think things are coming along beautifully for this couple, so let’s check in a bit later than where the previous sample left us. Still no release date to announce, but we do have a title now – Prior Affair! Definitely weird.   At this point, I felt like that was truly the best … Read more

Sample Sunday – A Setup

Last sample before Offensive Formations releases this Friday! Enjoy! Somehow, I ended up seated next to Ambrose. Well… not somehow, that shit was a fucking setup, I was sure. I had Vanessa on my other side, but she was immersed in conversation with Terrell. My mother and Cole were yapping about something too, and then … Read more

Sample Sunday – Private Dance

Just a little taste of the dynamic between these two.No date yet.Just vibes. Need to catch up on the series? You can get links and more info right here! “Shit, I’m gonna be late!” I was still mid-musing when my gaze had landed on the clock, the neon numbers letting me know I was fucking … Read more

Sample Sunday – Yes or No Question

(This will probably be the only sample from this project – it’s supposed to come out on 3/13) As tired as I was, that didn’t stop the immediate racing heart and butterflies combo that Trace’s presence coming down my hall set off. Maybe because we hadn’t spoken all day – none of the usual random … Read more