Hey CCJ – Does X Have a Story??

I get this (the title of this post) a lot! If you’ve read more than one project (series) from me, you probably already know this, but… I love a good cameo appearance from other characters! Often, if you haven’t read the series that character is from, you may not know that they even have their … Read more


It has been a really busy month. My 2nd grader sang in the choir at a local festival- My Preschooler graduated – I released a book – I went to Hawaii with my hubby and kids – And if I can just find the time, I’ll wrap up Rowan and Reid’s novella, and put it … Read more

Don’t Play Yourself.

Or, alternatively: Bad habits of this one indie romance author. Or something. I couldn’t make a good title curl all the way over, so instead y’all got that one. Let me explain. Often – too often – I find myself up way too late (we’ll get to that) thinking about the numerous ways I played … Read more

And Now, Sleep

Today’s post is brought to you by the letter “T”, for mf’n #TIDE. That’s me. This book, and the last few months of… life, have taken everything out of me. Some time around last spring, I injured my back. It got better – I thought. Sometime things would flare up again, and it would go … Read more

Reflections, as a Procrastination Tool

I’m supposed to be writing right now. The project i’m working on, The Truth, was supposed to be finished by the end of August. Published first week of September. It won’t be. *shrug* So instead of making up time, I’m reflecting.  November of this year will mark my third year in this world of self-publishing. … Read more