Sample Sunday – We See You Dear

Unedited. Subject to change. Coming… soon. 🙂 Happy reading! “Tariq, I thought you told me Kora wouldn’t be available for lunch since she likes to stay around the theater?” “Yeah,” I said, taking a drink from my water. “That’s how she’s always been.” My grandmother lifted an eyebrow. “But… that’s her, right over there, isn’t… Continue reading Sample Sunday – We See You Dear

Sample Sunday – Nurse Evans

Coming November 2015

(Unedited. Subject to change. Enjoy!) She wasn’t answering the door. My first thought was “Damn, I guess she really is taking this ‘avoid Tariq’ bullshit seriously.” Eventually, I would call her on it, but in the meantime I’d just been giving her the space she obviously wanted. But not answering the door – or her… Continue reading Sample Sunday – Nurse Evans