New Release – The Right Kind Of Trouble

Available now on Amazon! At just twenty years old, Lauren Bailey is organized, responsible, and hyper-driven toward her goal of graduating college so she can provide a good life for her daughter, four year old Harper. Between school, work, and being the best long-distance mom she can be, there’s one thing she definitely doesn’t have… Continue reading New Release – The Right Kind Of Trouble

The Trouble With Us

Available NOW on Amazon “Love is bull****.”   That’s how blogger, Bianca Bailey begins the first post of what’s supposed to be a new series on her website, in response to her readers curiosity about her feelings on love. That post never makes it to the public eye, but those three words perfectly sum up… Continue reading The Trouble With Us

New Release – Haunted

available now on Amazon Within the bounds of complacency, there exists a boring, beautiful sort of peace, and Khalida has found it. Welcomes it, in fact. A nice, comfortable life, with a great job, a good, albeit on and off again boyfriend, a great relationship with her younger sister… She has nothing to complain about.… Continue reading New Release – Haunted

NEW RELEASE: Finding Forever

Available Now on Amazon! After her latest ill-fated attempt to find a forever relationship of her own, Tori Kennedy is content with connecting the dots for others, bringing them together in pursuit of lifetime love. Fresh off of the demise of her marriage, she decides to take advantage of an opportunity to do something something… Continue reading NEW RELEASE: Finding Forever

New Release : Unfinished Business

So, it’s here! Unfinished Business, the sequel to Strictly Professional is available now in the kindle store! Here’s a little blurb: They fail…miserably. Through the ashes of their failed romantic relationship, they’re able to form a different type of bond, one that allows them to effectively coparent their daughter, and even become friends. But is… Continue reading New Release : Unfinished Business