Sample Sunday – A Setup

Last sample before Offensive Formations releases this Friday! Enjoy! Somehow, I ended up seated next to Ambrose. Well… not somehow, that shit was a fucking setup, I was sure. I had Vanessa on my other side, but she was immersed in conversation with Terrell. My mother and Cole were yapping about something too, and then … Read more

Sample Sunday – Private Dance

Just a little taste of the dynamic between these two.No date yet.Just vibes. Need to catch up on the series? You can get links and more info right here! “Shit, I’m gonna be late!” I was still mid-musing when my gaze had landed on the clock, the neon numbers letting me know I was fucking … Read more

Sample Sunday – Yes or No Question

(This will probably be the only sample from this project – it’s supposed to come out on 3/13) As tired as I was, that didn’t stop the immediate racing heart and butterflies combo that Trace’s presence coming down my hall set off. Maybe because we hadn’t spoken all day – none of the usual random … Read more

Name Dropping…

So, I’ve mentioned before that my upcoming release, Behind The Scenes, has a lot of cameos/mentions from other characters in my catalog. I always get questions about this with every project, so I thought I’d save you the trouble and just make this quick reference for you! Characters Mentioned Nick and Noah – Relationship Goals … Read more

Make It Easy…

Want to hear me talk about this book, or watch the trailer? Click here! Want to pre-order this title? That’s here! Please note that this title will not be made available in the Kindle Unlimited Library. “What’s wrong?” Pierre asked, pulling back. He was looking at me like he already knew the answer, which was … Read more

Sample Sunday – Professional Clothes

“What if I don’t have any stress?” “Then I would say you’re probably ignoring or neglecting a large amount of the responsibilities that come along with being a productive adult,” I answered, honestly. From the way his expression shifted though, I got the clear impression he didn’t like my answer very much. “I don’t need … Read more

Available Now – The Rose That Got Away

Available Now!  As a rose abandoned in the desert, she’s made a vow – she’ll never go back to the way things were… a promise that was easier to keep before a thorn showed up. (This is not a book centered around a love story.) Available Now!