Sample Sunday – Forbid

Unedited. Subject to Change. Enjoy. “I… didn’t realize it would interest you.” “You growing out your hair, growing out your beard, looking all sexy and rugged is of very high interest to me, actually,” she quipped, grinning. “As a matter of fact, I’d like to formally request that as of today you send me a … Read more

Meet Nick – Relationship Goals

Nick – likes: Noah dislikes: disappointing Noah. Nick Davison stepping off the elevator in my building with a bouquet of dahlias in hand, dressed in fresh sneakers and nicely fit jeans and a deep blue sweater that was just delicious against his dark skin absolutely did look like a gift from God. “Just the woman … Read more

Meet Noah – Relationship Goals

Noah – likes: helping women feel great about themselves. dislikes: BS. “Nick, I’m tired. What are you still doing here?” I grinned at her. “Dinner, remember? You didn’t give me an answer.” “Um…” her eyebrows bunched together. “I definitely gave you an answer.” “Okay,” I shrugged. “Well… maybe I was just hoping it changed.” Noah … Read more