Sample Sunday – Sounds Like an Insult

Unedited. Belongs to me, like Reese and Jason. Subject to change. Late Spring. Enjoy! “Just this once… let’s take sides. Pride…aside. Feelings… aside. Inhibitions… outside. Worries… wayside. Protection… bedside. Panties… aside. You… inside. Camera phone? Make you sure you get my good side… alright? Don’t be scared to turn me sideways and get deeper… alright? … Read more

Sample Sunday: Short Stack

“Welcome to Stacks, pretty ladies. What y’all havin’ today?” The two women on the other side of the counter’s eyes went a little wider when I spoke, and they glanced at each other, exchanging grins before they gave me their attention again. “Can you… say that again?” one of them asked, flipping thick, wavy hair … Read more

Sample Sunday : From Didn’t Mean To Love You

(side note: I have a shiny new “books” page set up, finally! Check it out here!) “What’s going on with you?” I frowned, then shrugged, suddenly self-conscious under his careful inspection. “Nothing.” Carter raised an eyebrow, taking the last few steps to put him barely a foot in front of me. “It’s definitely not nothing.” … Read more