All Sweet, No Bitter

Short. Hella sweet. Very lightly edited. Haven’t met Anika and Royal yet? You can in their Christmas season story, Bittersweet! There’s also a Pinterest Board for the project if you want to see some of my visual inspirations from when I wrote Bittersweet last year. “I thought we talked about this.” Royal looked up from… Continue reading All Sweet, No Bitter

New Gia’s Eve

* Please note – this is written with the strong assumption that you’ve read the Christmas with Gia short, as well as “The Truth” and “The Lies”. If not, this probably won’t make sense. Also, this is probably it for Gia and Manny, meaning I have no intention as of now of writing anything further for… Continue reading New Gia’s Eve

Christmas With Gia

Short and sweet, loosely edited, and completely fun. Enjoy 🙂   I couldn’t stop the little voice in my head telling me that I should have known it would turn out like this. Through all my planning to perfection, spending a little extra to get a little extra, time spent on the precision coordination of… Continue reading Christmas With Gia

Recovery – a short story

  – Aurielle-  Just act casual. Just act casual. “Hey!” I called out, my voice falsely bright as I walked up to Dawn and Donovan, looking rather… cozy outside the entrance to The Creamery. It was a place Dawn frequented, according to her Instagram, and Donovan – Donnie – was frequently her date at the… Continue reading Recovery – a short story

The Night Before Christmas Eve – A Serendipitous Short

Merry almost-Christmas! If you’re a fan of my Serendipitous Love series, please enjoy this self-contained short (it is NOT part of a larger story for Roman and Simone, just something fun for the holiday) about the holidays. (Missed Thanksgiving with Sean and Fallon? it’s located here – “How are you going to fall asleep on… Continue reading The Night Before Christmas Eve – A Serendipitous Short