New Release : Unfinished Business

So, it’s here! Unfinished Business, the sequel to Strictly Professional is available now in the kindle store! Here’s a little blurb: They fail…miserably. Through the ashes of their failed romantic relationship, they’re able to form a different type of bond, one that allows them to effectively coparent their daughter, and even become friends. But is… Continue reading New Release : Unfinished Business

Writing Process Blog Tour

Hey-Hey-Hey!  I got tagged y’all, by Kandie Delley, over at Kandie is a fellow author!  Her latest release is “Countdown to a Kiss” and she’ll soon be celebrating the release of novel “South Pacific Nights”. She is quite the multi-faceted woman, with experience as a journalist, biographer, and publicist, in addition to international treasury management, and advertising… Continue reading Writing Process Blog Tour