Sample Sunday – I’m Asking

Last one, hopefully. *fingers crossed* Unedited. Subject to change. Enjoy! 🙂   I pushed off the wall, and was about to head for the stairs where her door suddenly opened, and she peeked out. “Hey…” she said, in a tone that just seemed… off. “I am… so sorry. I got back from seeing Zion off, … Read more

Sample Sunday – Sister Circle

Unedited. Subject to change. Coming… eventually. 🙂 Enjoy!   “You fellas seem to be having a good time.” I sat up from being bent over laughing, and opened my eyes long enough to see who’d said that. My eyes opened a little wider, I sat up a little straighter at the sight of Fine, and … Read more

Sample Sunday – Ho, Ho, Ho

Subject to change. Coming this Spring. Enjoy 🙂   “Where’s the good in your bestie sleeping with the owner’s son if I can’t drink as much as I want to?” I asked, rolling my eyes as the other bartender wouldn’t even look my way, for fear of stepping on Rob’s toes after he’d informed me … Read more