The Trouble With Us

Available NOW on Amazon “Love is bull****.”   That’s how blogger, Bianca Bailey begins the first post of what’s supposed to be a new series on her website, in response to her readers curiosity about her feelings on love. That post never makes it to the public eye, but those three words perfectly sum up … Read more

The Trouble With Sunday Dinner

Sunday afternoons were reserved for my parents, and that wasn’t an expectation — it was a requirement. Unless you were out of town or incapacitated, you’d better have your ass at the table when Pamela Martin pulled that cast iron skillet of cornbread out of the oven. On the earlier end of my twenties, I’d … Read more

The Trouble With Late Phone Calls

“You’re not gonna say no.” “No.” He chuckled. “Okay, so it’s opposite day then? Aiight, well, I won’t be there in a few minutes.” “You can’t come here,” I said quickly, sitting up. “And besides, you don’t even know where I live.” “You don’t know what I know,” he countered. “What, you got wack-ass Kieran … Read more

The Trouble With Your Sister’s Friend

“Wait, my bad. I didn’t mean to…” I let that apology trail away, as Bianca headed for the front of the apartment without even glancing my way, or acknowledging that I’d said anything else. Shooting me a scowl, Raisa rose from her seat on the couch to intercept Bianca’s path to the door. “Wait a … Read more

The Trouble With Lies

“What is your issue?!” He shook his head, tossing his hands up in the air. “I don’t have one. Your issue is that you want me. That’s why I bother you so much. Live a little, Bianca. Let yourself have me,” he chuckled, sauntering up to me from down the hall. “You are so full … Read more

Sample Sunday : The Trouble With Love

Available Now! Get The Trouble With Love on you Kindle OR in Paperback! “This isn’t working.”         Jai rolled her eyes and sat up, closing her coat over the rather delicious view of her caramel skin in the white lingerie.  If she was there, Rashad would have thanked Cameron for what he considered to be … Read more

Excerpt & Cover Reveal : The Trouble With Love

“Let me help you with that.” Before Jai could respond, her new neighbor Rashad was lifting a heavy box from her hands and heading into the building.  She wanted to protest, but after she’d dismissed the movers for dropping her box of shot glasses from around the world, she needed competent help.  She grabbed a … Read more